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How a few simple questions can change your life

Did you do your best today to be the type of person that you want to be, and did you do your best to make the kinds of decisions today that will take your life towards the kind of life you would like to live tomorrow? Imagine those words staring back at you at the end of each day on a page of paper that you must answer each night before you go to bed.   Measure each day not by failure or success but by gradual improvement. If at the end of the day you are better, if you learned something, or if you have become a better person, then the day was a success. Try to think more of these small daily improvements and eventually you will achieve great victories. A photo posted by @makeyourbestself on Sep 14, 2015 at 2:33pm PDT   Using questions like these can have innumerable benefits for us in our daily lives and it can help lead us into the type of life that we want to live. There are few questions more important than these in life: What type of person do I want to be? AND What type of life do I want to live? Answer these questions and suddenly each moment takes on a new and powerful meaning…each day becomes not a time where we get lost in momentary pleasures and instant gratification, but it becomes a proving ground where we decide if we will take one step closer to becoming the person we desire to be, or if we will take another step away from that person.  ... read more

I was amazed when I found out the truth about new year resolutions, you will be too

Today is January 14th, 2016…It has officially been 2 weeks since people started their new year’s resolutions for 2016. I recently came across some interesting stats on new year’s resolutions: about 45% of people usually make new year’s resolutions; out of this 45% only around 8% are ever successful at achieving their new year’s goals and 24% of those people report that they NEVER achieve their new year’s resolutions despite making them each year. Also of note, the people who make clearly defined and SMART new years goals are 10 times more likely to succeed then the people who make ambiguous or uncertain goals. The stats also go on to tell us that over ¼ of the people who made new year’s resolutions for 2016 have already given up- hopefully you aren’t one of them! Then after 1 month, ⅓ of people who made resolutions will have given up… and past six months, less than ½ of the people of the people who started 2016 with resolutions will still continue on towards their goals   So if you made a resolution or resolutions for this year, then you need to seriously ask yourself if you are going to be in the half that succeeds, or the half that fails. Are you really ready to beat the odds and be one of 8% that actually achieves the goal? New year’s resolutions are like any other goal: they require a continual commitment to actually succeed. It isn’t enough to write down your goals and stick the paper in some drawer long ago forgotten by everyone, you have to remember your goals,... read more

Why your daily routine is the BIGGEST determinant of your success

If you are anything like me at all, then you probably tend to overestimate your ability to say no and display willpower. It is human nature to want to feel like we are in control, that we can make our own decisions, and that we have the ability to chose the right decision even in the midst of temptation; but, history will usually tell a different story. If you have ever failed a new year’s resolution, started a new diet just to go a junk food binge a few days later, or promised to stay in touch with your family but failed, then you are just like 100% of every other human being on the planet.   Why do we fail even when we really know what we want? Of course everything in life is multi-factorial: meaning you can’t just blame one thing for every problem, but 9 times out of 10 people fail due to lack of the proper routine and structure to support them in their goals. Imagine it’s New Year’s day and you have made a commitment to finally lose that last 15lbs you have been carrying around your midsection for the past couple of years. You researched nutrition and made a diet plan, you signed up at the gym, you created a workout, and you even got a friend who will go to the gym with you…everything seems to be leading you towards success. Fast forward to March 1st in the same year and you aren’t working out, your diet is just as bad as ever, and your friend isn’t working out with you either.... read more

How to find the right work and life balance

So of course everyone’s real goal is to create a way of making a living that doesn’t feel like work at all, but even then, how does one balance the demands of life with the demands of work and passion? As I write this post I am sitting in a hotel room in Istanbul. I could literally be doing any number of things right now other than writing, and yet I still have to write it…Why?   Finding a work/life balance… Everyone must come a point where they decide what standards they will live by. They either choose their beliefs or they adopt beliefs based off of the expectations and the conditioning of others. For example: when you decide you want to quit your cushy corporate job and become a pizza maker most everyone will call you crazy…eager to be accepted by others you might decide to continue the corporate job even though it isn’t what YOU want. (your beliefs about life are chosen for you in this example). So assuming that you actually take the time to consider what you want your life to be like, and then you actually do something that you love then there is still another issue that you are faced with… Where do you draw the line? If you truly love what you are doing it can be very difficult at times to maintain other important things in your life. Maybe your dedication to work makes it hard to visit with friends, maybe your dedication to your fitness makes it difficult to indulge in junk food and drinking with friends, maybe your dedication... read more

Leader or Manager: which type of person are you?

Leadership and management are two very different terms that people often mix together. More and more jobs and careers are calling upon managers to be leaders and to develop their leadership skills, and yet, leaders and managers both are very distinct in their separate roles. A leader can help to manage at times, and a manager can help to lead at times, but it is important to understand the vital difference between these two types of people. If you want to find success in your own life, then you need to learn to be a bit of both.   Management… Is “the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using available resources efficiently and effectively.” Management deals with resources, planning, organization, and delegating tasks; it is the practice of working out the details, making a plan, and ensuring that the plan gets carried out as designed. Management requires critical thinking and excellent attention to detail, but it doesn’t usually demand managers to come up with new and groundbreaking ideas and concepts. Managers provide structure, they ensure that you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and they make sure that protocols are being followed right down to the last command; because of this, managers often end up being disliked by the people below them, and even highly effective and kind managers will likely have to deal with people trying to challenge their authority. Managers, however, are often somewhat immune to criticism, because they are just “following orders”.   Leadership… Is the ability to of a person of authority to set positive examples, blaze... read more

5 vital things every entrepreneur must know

Entrepreneurship is about being a person who can organize and manage any new enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk; while being an entrepreneur is risky, many people who choose to entrepreneurship end up finding major success and they end up creating careers that follow their passions; many of them end up blazing completely new trails through society. Being an entrepreneur may be scary, but it can also be very rewarding for those brave enough to tackle the challenge. When I look back at the past year at MakeYourBestSelf it is kind of a blur. Things have happened quickly and gone well at times, and there have been MANY times where I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. If you have the notion that you are just going to start a business and experience overnight success or get millions of dollars in an instant, then there is a 99.99% chance that you will end up quitting long before those things ever happen. Before you jump into becoming an entrepreneur, I recommend you read this post.   You will need a plan- and hopefully a good one A lot of people think that it takes millions of dollars to start a business or be successful, but the truth is, success can be had only with a great plan and a lot hard work. Some business need high amounts of capital to get started: restaurant’s, physical businesses (think distribution), or labor jobs that require lots of equipment all will require a lot of money up front to get started, but other businesses models like consulting,... read more

10 things you must know before you decide to follow your dreams

Dreams are real places, but they can also turn into nightmares if you aren’t careful. Sometimes dreams are small and they come easily, and sometimes they take years-even decades- of work. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of dreamers out there, people just like you and me who want to do something big with their life, maybe they have a plan, maybe they are too afraid, maybe they are trying to make it happen; but no matter where you are in your journey, there are a few things you should know about chasing your dreams before you actually start chasing your dreams.   You need a plan Trying to achieve a dream without a plan is a lot like loading a ship with 10 tons of dynamite, turning on the engine, and letting it go out into the sea without a captain or a crew to guide it to where you want it to go. Effort is huge part of the equation and of course getting started is important, but before you try to make a dream come true you need to make a plan. If your plan is to quit everything, sell your possessions, move to L.A., and live out of your car until you make it as an actor, that’s kind of crazy, but it is a plan, and it might just be crazy enough to work. Just realize you aren’t going to get anywhere without some directed action, and directed action requires a plan- even if it’s a crazy one, just think it through first before you start.   It probably won’t be easy... read more

What I learned from losing my book at the airport, you might be surprised!

When is the last time something in your life went wrong? You know, some minor thing that put a bump into your day’s plans and ruined your mood. These things happen to us day in and day out if you watch for them, we forget our keys at our desk and have to go all the way back to the office to get them, we forget to take out the trash and have to let it pile up for another week in the garage, or someone takes our parking spot and we have to walk and extra block to get home. These things happen to us daily, and if it isn’t one minor catastrophe, then it is probably another; but we tend to forget that these things don’t usually matter much in the scheme of our lives even when we focus on them as the end of the world. How many times do we allow little inconveniences and circumstances that are outside of our control to dictate our moods and dampen our spirits? I’ll even tell you what happened to me today at the airport and you can see if it sounds at all familiar… I’m back on American soil today! #usa #wasinturkeyforawhilebutimnotturkish #success — (@MakeYourBstSelf) November 20, 2015 I left my book on the plane during my connection flight A few weeks ago I was on the plane coming back from Istanbul and I had a short layover in Amsterdam. Our plane was late due to weather and I was in a rush to make it to the next flight. I was reading a book at the... read more

How consumerism is killing you: and the radical alternative that could save your life

When it comes to productivity, most people could stand to become more productive and efficient with their time, yet as a culture, America has gone so far down the wrong path towards getting things done. Why is it today, in the advanced stages of our technology that we work longer hours than ever before? Way back in the 1930s, respected economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that, because of the astounding progress of technology, that the work week would someday be reduced to just 15 hours per week. Other great thinkers of his time followed suit and supported this view, and yet America recently clocked in with a staggering 46.7 hour work week in 2014. What happened to John Keynes predictions that we would soon be burdened with the task of finding what to do with so much more spare time? Did technology fail us, or just maybe… did we fail ourselves? Why do workers in countries like Germany work almost 400 hours less per year than American workers, yet still celebrate the world’s 4th largest economy? Is all the pressure of the American culture to stay on top, lead the pack, and be number 1 causing us to falter, or is there something much deeper and darker at work in our daily lives? In a country where you are assigned a number at birth, plugged into the tax system, and expected to purchase more than everyone else around you in order to determine your own self worth, is it any wonder that we often sacrifice our own lives and happiness to make something of ourselves?   Consumerism as a... read more

The top 5 productivity myths

I live in the US of A, and that means long hours, mandatory overtime, and always stay busy for success. So if we are so productive as a nation, why doesn’t America produce anything anymore? If we are so great at getting things done, why are most Americans stressed, overburdened, and buried under unconquerable loads of work? As a whole, we here in America pride ourselves on productivity, but some of our underlying assumptions about productivity are actually wrong. Working longer hours doesn’t mean getting more done, multi-tasking is NOT a virtue, there is time for break time, it isn’t always better to just do things yourself and contrary to popular opinion working with others can make you more productive, and finally there is always time to change course if necessary.   Myth #1- Longer working hours help you get more done Most people have come to believe that if you work longer hours you will get more done, and while this myth is true to some extent, longer hours don’t increase productivity even if you DO get more done. Long hours push our bodies and our minds to their limits, they stretch our ability to focus and often decrease the quality of our work. People who are overworked and tired have a harder time focusing on tasks and staying efficient. Most people work an 8 hour workday, and yet if you truly look at their days, most of the work that they do could probably be finished in 4 hours or less. Each day most of us waste a vast majority of our time on things like gossip,... read more



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