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Do diet pills work?

Do diet pills work?

An all too frequent question I get asked by people trying to lose weight is this: “Do diet pills work?”.  Whenever I start talking to people about losing weight one of the first things they ask about is a diet pill, a crash diet, or some other sort of instant fix.  Ask yourself this question: “How many diseases, problems, or issue are solved by one quick and easy solution?”.  If you take a look at most things in life, you will find they are quite complicated, most problems are the result of multiple compounded issues and can’t just be solved with one quick fix.  So do diet pills work?


When it comes to obesity or being overweight, what causes these issues?  


Obesity and being overweight is usually caused by a combination of factors including: stress, depression, food addiction, lack of exercise, nervous eating, lack of sleep, and poor diet.  So if you don’t eat right, don’t workout, don’t get enough sleep, eat constantly, and feel so depressed you don’t believe you can lose weight, will you lose weight?  The answer is no.  Even if you woke up tomorrow and had your perfect ideal body, it probably wouldn’t be long until you get back to your current self, because your daily habits promote weight gain not weight loss.


Why am I helpless to lose weight?


You are helpless to lose weight because you are a slave to the habits that I have listed above.  Even if a diet pill allows you to burn an extra 300 calories a day, if everything else stays the same, you will NOT lose any weight.  The success stories you hear from people who used diet pills also transformed their lives and habits, they didn’t sit around eating potato chips and watching T.V., then pop a few pills each day and watch the fat melt off of them.


Can diet pills help?


IF you are doing everything else right, eating right, building your confidence and self esteem, exercising, sleeping enough, and generally taking care of yourself, then yes, SOME diet pills can have a minimal effect on your body, this is a small effect if any at all.  You are better off drinking black coffee several times a day to lose weight than taking a pill.


As science progresses, it is possible that some time in the future we will have a pill that allows you to magically shed weight, but trust me, that is not a luxury we have now.  If diet pills really worked as well as companies advertise, don’t you think that every person in the world would know about it and take them?


What are the costs of using a diet pills?


Diet pills can increase your energy (mostly due to HIGH amounts of caffeine).  There was a time where everyone embraced and applauded the effects of ephedrine, that is until people started getting sick and dying from taking too much of it, and now it is highly limited in the amount that can be present in diet pills.  Diet pills in the past have been associated with things like: heart problems, anxiety, and even death in extreme cases.  Some newer pills like “Ali” can actually block the absorption of some of the fat you eat, but this can come with its own unwelcome effects (read more about Ali’s unpleasant “treatment effects” if you are interested).


So do diet pills work?


Without some sort of life change, no they don’t.  What really makes a difference in fat loss is simple, and you already KNOW the answer in your heart: diet and exercise.  I know you are tired of being overweight, I know you want, dare I say, NEED some kind of change to happen now because you can’t stand another day living looking like you do, but if you truly want to escape the prison you are living in currently, you have to first change your mind.  Don’t seek to change only your body, seek to change yourself.  I am sorry, but there is not instant fix, don’t expect results in 1 or 2 weeks, think long term in months or even years.


If you are stuck in habits of eating too much, eating bad foods, neglecting your health, and refusing to exercise, no amount of diet pills will make you happy or help you lose weight.  What you need is a life transformation: you need to start creating positive habits that will build you up internally.  As you begin to love yourself, believe in yourself, and start engaging in daily actions that reflect this inner love and self esteem, you will start creating habits that reflect that you do care for yourself.

Obesity is a disease of many culminating factors, but it all starts within your mind.  You deserve to be happy, healthy, and look the way you have always dreamed of.  It all starts with changing yourself from within, from forming new habits that support a better version of you, and as you begin to change and believe in yourself, anything becomes possible.  Until you are already exercising and eating right, don’t even think about buying a diet pill.  Do the things that you KNOW work first, before you start trying to find a miracle cure.  I wish you the best of luck, and please if you have any questions or ever need any help, feel free to click to the contact tab above and send us an email.


  1. I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

    • monsterid

      Hey Heidy,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the awesome feedback! I would love to have you visit again any time and always feel free to leave another comment!

    • monsterid

      Absolutely! Some pills can help, but they aren’t going to do anything unless you are willing to put in the work to exercise and eat better. Taking a diet pill as a magic bullet to lose weight is like spending all of your extra income to buy lottery tickets instead of saving and investing it, yet people always ask me “What diet pills should I buy?”.

      Thanks again for your input, I totally agree with you Brett!


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