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Dive into the storm: how to survive the chaos of life and get what you want.

Dive into the storm: how to survive the chaos of life and get what you want.

Do you want to taste the raw passion of life, drink the nectar of the gods, and delve into eternity with pride?

Once upon a time, we were all kids: we had huge dreams, we looked towards the future with a hurried excitement, we made plans for what being a grown up would be like, and we often imagined ourselves in dream jobs and situations that we created vividly in our mind, but somewhere along the line, things got skewed and we ended up where we are today.

What happens to the dreams we have as children, what happens to the magical moments and memories that set the stage for the people that we become? Do those dreams get choked out by reality, do they get smothered by our fears and insecurities, or could it be that a simple choice for safety and comfort blocks us from living lives of abundance, greatness, and happiness?


Imagine life as this huge swirling funnel of debri. At any given moment there are a million things happening at once, debri flies in every direction, and even the strongest of things often get picked up and hurled far away.

Life is random, unpredictable, unforgiving, and brutal at times; everyday people get diagnosed with cancer, die, starve, or go to sleep with tears streaming down their face. There is no bargaining with life for what we come into this world with, and while we can always influence and improve our circumstances, and while many of the things that happen in our lives are influenced by our past decisions, so many things in life are truly left up to chance.

Where you are born, how much money your parents make, and the amount of privilege you are born into is a lottery: some win and some lose, but you determine where to go next.

Out in the chaos of life two things can happen to you: you can fight the funnel and try to make it into areas of great success and abundance, or you fight hard only to get thrown somewhere else where you never intended to go.

In life, you either try something and you succeed, or you try to do something, fail- but here is where the magic happens- you now get to choose: will you take the failure you have been given and stay where you are, or will you learn from your mistake, regroup, make another plan, and head right back into the eye of the storm.

When you fight for something in life- when you make yourself vulnerable to becoming damaged by life- and fail, you end up getting thrown somewhere in life that you had no intention of ending up. This is the moment where most people start building up defenses to keep them safe right where they are; they would rather stay where they are than risk heading back out into the storm.

Success and failure is all relative, and what makes success for one person doesn’t look anything like success to someone else, but it is the people who are willing to risk to get what they want who always end up with more, end up with something better, end up with life experiences that make them better able to handle defeat and adversity.

The strong people that we all look up to have spent their whole lives in the funnel- the chaos of life- and every single time life throws them into a direction they didn’t anticipate, they just hop right back into the chaos to try and find somewhere better.

Martin Luther king didn’t bow down to the oppressors of his age , Winston Churchill didn’t just allow Nazi Germany to take over the world, and you shouldn’t allow the circumstances of your life prevent you from living the type of life that you want to live, and that you are capable of living.

Some proponents of positive thinking don’t believe in luck, they don’t believe in probability or odds, and while you can always change the odds with the power of your mind (link), chance is certainly a part of the equation. We shouldn’t deny the fact that life can certainly make it easy on some of us, but it can certainly make it difficult for others as well.

Sometime you take a risk and everything comes out better than you planned, sometimes it works, sometimes it comes close, and sometimes you just fail miserable: successful people are just the people who tried one more time to get what they wanted than the people who failed.

The only difference between the people who got what they wanted and the people who live lives that they don’t like is the refusal to accept the death sentence that life offers them in preference for key back into the unpredictability of life.


Every single person on this planet is afraid, every single person on this planet fears the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Too many things could go wrong at every single moment, what if you lose your job, what if terrorists attack, what if the economy collapses? With everything that could possibly go wrong in the world, we could literally spend our entire lives just thinking of things that could go wrong, and so in an attempt to prevent the unpredictable, we try to tame nature, we set up routines and structures that give us the illusion of control, and we create egos and complicated belief systems that support us staying right where we are.

We learn to rationalize mediocrity, because it is better to be locked in a cell, doing things that you don’t like, then it is to risk going out into the storm and trying to find what you really want.


“Good enough” is one of the biggest dream killing phrases in the English language.

If you want to be happy, if you want to do the things that you used to dream about, you can’t do it from the safety of your cell, you have to be willing to risk, you have to be willing to fail, you have to be willing to lose what you have in order to gain what you really want.

There is a big difference between appreciating and truly cherishing what you have in life, and just settling into a place in life because it is comfortable.

The thrill of life is out there in the funnel, it is right outside of the door you have used to lock yourself away from the dangers of living. It might sound crazy, but if you truly want to be happy, you have to be willing to sacrifice your immediate comfort and safety at times for the greater good.


The true joy of living is hiding right behind the pain of living, and your greatest adventures and potentials are right on the other side of your biggest obstacles and fears.

If you truly love your life, then you are one of the lucky ones, perhaps you can teach me a thing or two, but if you want more, if you dream of something greater than where you currently are in life, and if you can still taste the nectar of the gods you drank as a child, then go forth, turn the key, unlock your cell, and go back into the storm with vulnerability.



What ways have you allowed life to lock you down where you are, and what things have you allowed to stop you from going for your dreams? Leave a comment below and share your story with others, and please if you know someone who could benefit from this message be sure to give it a share.

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