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Discovery moments: find your very own moment of self discovery

Discovery moments: find your very own moment of self discovery

What are you made of?

For almost every morning for the last year and half, I have started out my morning the same way, with some sort inspirational videos playing into my headset from youtube, and I can always tell a difference on the mornings I stick with my habit vs. the mornings that I don’t.

While I make my smoothie, brew some coffee, or even put my laundry in the wash, I like to listen to the words of some of my heros, some awesome motivators, and just some awesome people with awesome stories; nothing gets me started like hearing about how my heros overcame hard times just like the ones that I am going through right now.

There is one set of words in particular that sticks out in my mind (if you know who said it please leave a comment below, because I would love to know whose words I am quoting here), where the speaker says “This is a discovery moment- not where you realize how hard life is, but when you realize how strongly you have been created.”

The more stories I listen to, the more life experiences that I go through each day, I think it is really true that every successful person has some moment of great trial and tribulation, and they look through the pain, fear, suffering, and difficulty, and they just keep on pushing through it all; right after that moment of trial comes that epic moment of greatness.

These types of moments can give us such personal power; when we realize that no matter how bad life gets, we can still choose to push forward, and we can focus on how strong we are rather than focusing on the obstacles in our way, we are then free to do anything.

These moments define us, define our will, and they give us just a brief glimpse into what we are truly capable of.

I listen to or read the stories of my heros and they all seem to have one thing in common- there are these moments of immense pain and suffering, these moments where everything in their life seems perched upon the precipice between disaster and catastrophe, then just when everything looks in its bleakest from, that moment of trial turns into a moment of discovery and everything they have been working towards comes into fruition.

I think most people who experience success in life have lots of these types of moments- moments where weeks, months, years, decades even, of hard work and sacrifice crystallize before the eyes of the dreamer and the dreams suddenly become real.

The only difference between me and my heros, you and your heros, is that they have pushed through those moments of hardship and into those special moments of discovery where they finally see “not how tough life is, but how strongly they have been created.”

You too can experience these moments of greatness, that we often think are reserved for only the few and special among us, you too can taste of victory and hold your life’s work in your hands in triumph.

Your heros started out just like you and I, they went through many of the very same struggles, many of our heros overcame obstacles far greater than any that we will ever face, and yet they changed the world and made it a better place because of their existence.

The same sleeping giants exist within you, and the same moments of discovery are hidden within the days ahead of you, all it takes is the courage to push hard enough and far enough to find out what you are really made of, because only those willing to risk going too far can ever know how far one can really go.

I promise you that you are capable of far more than what you think you are, and the only way to see what you can do is to try and do it.

There is a discovery moment ahead of you, maybe just around the corner. Perhaps things are worse now than they have ever been before and that next great opportunity is coming in 1 more day, 1 more week, 1 more month, but the only way to discover that moment is to suffer now like your heroes have before you.

Whether you want to lose weight, make a million dollars, become a better father and husband, or just get a promotion at your job, you can only accomplish your goals and make your dreams into reality with a commitment to work through the hardships in front of you.

Do you want to discover who you could become tomorrow? Then take one more step today. Your dreams won’t happen overnight, but like a long journey you move forward step by step, and then eventually one day you’ll discover new land, you will make it to the destination that you dreamed of and set foot on a new continent of confidence and joy.

This could be your discovery moment, the moment where you finally realize that you can do anything you put your mind to, where you say ”The hell with the pain, I am going to keep pushing through to the promises of a better tomorrow.”

Discover what you have the potential to become, and find your very own discovery moment.

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