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Why your comfort zone is a lie.

Why your comfort zone is a lie.

Everything you think you are capable of is just a lie.  You can do anything.  You won’t find life hiding comfortably on the sideline.  If you want to live, laugh, and love, you are going to have to get some skin in the game.  So just do it, you aren’t getting any better hiding from failure, you aren’t becoming any more of the person you want to be by refusing to take a risk.  Life is a risk, you are going to die someday anyway, so you might as well make the most of it while you are here.


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  1. Heck yeah! Happens for me on my easy, long runs when everything is cikcling. After the aches and pains of the first couple of miles, when i finally fall into a rhythm. My body takes over and just does what’s it’s supposed to. My legs are just following the momentum of my arms. I zone out, my mind darts to several different topics..never long enough to come up with any answers or solutions. Then I suddenly realize I’m several more miles into it and wonder, Gee, I wonder how long I can realistically run at this pace forever?

    • monsterid

      Awesome insight! It really is just like that. I might have to borrow your analogy for a post some day! Thank you for stopping by.


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