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I’m all in: how not buying in can cost you more than you think

I’m all in: how not buying in can cost you more than you think

“What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.”

As I go through more of life’s trials, more victories and defeats, and more of life’s challenges, the more it becomes evident to me that true belief in our own success is crucial for actual success.

I’ve heard thousands of times before that in order to get anything that you want from life, you have to believe you can attain it first.

But the here is the thing…I’ve spent hundreds of hours using mantras, writing down goals, and reading books, but until about 18 months ago, I am not sure that I really understood the secret to success.

You know, I always believed that my hard work would pay off…eventually.

I thought if I kept grinding that eventually things would happen on their own, but I finally realized that things don’t happen until you make them happen.

The power of belief is this: if you believe you can do it, then you will try…but when you believe that you will do it (and you put in the work) then its already done.


But how do you beat insecurity, doubt, and “reality”?

Every fear or insecurity that we hold inside ourselves will find a way to surface from time to time.

In order to truly believe in something (buy in), we must learn how to reprogram these thoughts and learn believe that we WILL achieve what we want.

We have to create an environment of confidence and belief internally before we will ever see our dreams manifest externally.

Many of the greats started with humble beginnings.

Countless stories can be read of people who overcame failure or adversity to reach great heights of achievement.

We can overcome almost anything if we know in our hearts that success is waiting for us right around the corner… this faith in ourselves can increase our grit and persistence, but it can also directly impact our results.

We must first believe in ourselves before we have the ability to change.

Faith is the single greatest component to success.

We don’t have to believe that we can run a four minute mile tomorrow, but we must believe it is possible, otherwise…whats the point in trying?

We should all practice saying to ourselves, everyday, that whatever your dream is, that its possible.

Say to yourself over and over again “Its possible”; if we tell ourselves something enough times eventually we will begin to believe it.

Every time we hear an inner voice tell us why we can’t do something, we should respond, “This is my dream, and its possible; it may not happen today or tomorrow and it may not happen this year, but eventually, I will achieve it.”

Over time this type of self instilled faith tends to shift from that of possibility, to that of certainty… if you tell yourself its possible, if you put in the work and believe that its possible, eventually you will KNOW that its not just possible, but that it is certain.


By just believing that it is possible, that hard work turns into results, and that the process will take you there, you can go very far; you can improve, grow, and awaken the warrior spirit within yourself.

You’ll get a lot better, things will fall into place, you’ll grow into something else, then it will happen.

When you make that switch from believing in possibility, to believing in certainty of your success you have arrived. As soon as you KNOW that your dreams are yours, that you can do anything you put your mind to, you come to life.


Today’s lesson is a deep one so pay attention. We are all full of potential, HUGE potential; we claim we are free, we reject the fads, and we pride ourselves on forming our own opinions, yet the beliefs that govern our lives are negative and self inhibiting. I had an interaction with someone yesterday who condemned positive thinking and hard work, stating that successful people are similar to false profits in religion and that success is either inherited or it happens by chance, but is not created. I looked through his recent comments and i truly felt for this person. He seemed very intelligent, science minded, and had strong beliefs and integrity, yet every single comment i saw of his was negative. Each comment he left only criticized or condemned something, and not once was a solution or a kind word offered to anyone. So many of us have scorned life for what we have been given, yet refuse to cultivate or appreciate what we have. Even a brilliant man, who believes himself to be free can shackle himself into misery with his beliefs. I hope someday he will see the light and understand that you CAN create success and that dreams do come true, it just takes hard work, belief, and the ability to bounce back from failure and adveristy. Please be careful with your thoughts and understand that any negativity will breed more negativity and bond you with misery. #thatsmyrant #positivevibes #bethechange #faith #believe #makeyourbestself #free #dreams #quote #quoteoftheday #quotes #nice #instagood #success #ambition #grinding #nofear #selfimprovement #postivethinking #motivation #inspiration #

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We are often held fast in the shackles of oppression, fear, and doubt…society lulls us to sleep with over stimulation, shiny things, and promises of comfort on a daily basis.

When you come to know you can do whatever you set your mind to, then you are free.

I promise you, there is nothing like the feeling when you know that the world is yours: that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

When you buy in, when you believe and know your true power, nothing can stop you. You BECOME something unlike anything or anyone you have probably ever known.


You must buy in before you will ever see total success or change.

You must buy in to your potential, you must buy into the belief that hard work and faith can overcome any adversity, you must learn to believe that if you desire something…then you can achieve it.



We can’t make money on the stock exchange unless we first put our money into stocks and risk losing it all; we can’t fall in love unless we invest our emotions and risk being hurt, we cannot succeed unless we allow ourselves to believe that its possible and risk being wrong.

We have to believe its possible long before it happens; much like we believe the sun will rise again as it sets into the night, we must believe that our potential for change is inside of us: that we have the power to accomplish even our greatest aspirations.

Once you know -really know- that the world is yours, then the world IS yours.


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