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Better and Faster- Book review

Every so often you read something truly unique, some book that offers wisdom beyond its time that will last throughout the ages and still provide value to people for years to come: Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche is one of those books. In this book Jeremy (the CEO of tells us the lessons he has learned from observing major companies that have succeeded, failed, risen, and fallen over the last 100 years. He gives us actionable tips and amazing stories that show us what these principles look like in action. Through excellent and very interesting stories of real and recognizable companies, we can see some of the special qualities that exist in the greatest companies in the market. This book doesn’t just completely destroy your views of business and what makes business successful, but it will also encourage you to live more fully, take more risks, and create a life worth remembering. This book gives us lessons for our businesses, but it also encourages us, and gives us many lessons that will help us succeed in any area of our lives. This book is an absolute must read! In part one we learn about the farmer and the hunter mentalities in life. Farmers hold onto what they have, they refuse to take risks, and they expect things to never change from the way they currently are. The hunter is lean, he’s hungry, and he runs through the wilderness excitedly seeking his next meal. Farmers are safe, slow, and predictable, they may eat, but they will never thrive. Hunters are exciting, fast, and able to roll with adversity... read more

Die Empty- Book review

“Die Empty” by Todd Henry, may sound like a slightly morbid book title, but it actually encourages us to make the most of our time here on earth and unleash our very best work each and every day. Die Empty is not a book filled with empty promises of sustained motivation, but rather focuses on defining your passions, setting goals, overcoming the fear of failure, embracing discomfort, maintaining your purpose, and increasing your daily effectiveness. This book is filled with great tips on how to increase the power of your life, and it cover a little bit of everything, and it is a great book to read if you are ready to unleash your best work each day. Die empty focuses on several major themes, the most important of which is continual growth.  As time goes on we tend to grow comfortable and complacent in life; Todd Henry gives us a ton of tips on how to embrace uncertainty and use challenge to cultivate personal growth each day. A common rut many people fall into is the rut of working without a purpose, and by focusing solely on results and numbers we often neglect spending time challenging ourselves and growing as people. When we stop growing we ultimately stop thriving, and then we are just holding onto what we have.   The book is written in chapters with several tidbits and sections present in each chapter. Each chapter features a nice little review section where Todd sums up the main points of the section and gives us a few tips on how to implement the book ideas into our... read more

Manhood (by Terry Crews)- Book review

Terry Crews (better known as old spice guy, or the dude from white chicks) recently released a book titled- simply- Manhood. I wanted to give it a read because of how I see him as a person. I have been on my own search for manhood recently, and here is a guy who is huge, macho, and an ex pro football player, yet he plays these silly roles in movies and is always goofing around and having fun. Traditionally I often think of manhood as stoicism, being calm, collected, unemotional, and the “rational male”, yet Terry Crews is a very masculine individual despite breaking from the norm. I was so intrigued, that I bought his book right after it came out, and I loved it! I was looking for a book that would describe what manhood was, that might tell me how to be a better man, but instead the book was a biography of Terry’s life, with bits of wisdom thrown in. In the sense that the book was not a how to guide to manhood, I was disappointed, but perhaps the best way to be a man is to simply follow the men that you admire. If you are looking for a how to guide to manhood, or if you are searching for a philosophical journey through the life of a man, then you need to look elsewhere; but, if you want to see an awesome example of what people are capable of, how dedication and hard work can overcome life’s obstacles, and if you want to read the story of a man unafraid to bare all... read more

The Motivation Manifesto- Book Review

The motivation manifesto by Brendon Burchard is a powerful call to action in our daily lives. The book is bound in a beautiful black leather like material, has gold print lettering on the front cover, and has a built in red ribbon book mark. Aside from the beautiful presentation of the book, it is filled with numerous ideas, calls to action, and tips to help you become the highest version of yourself possible. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to master their life and become better. The first section of the book is a declaration of personal power. Not only is this opening section emotionally charged and highly motivating, but it also written in a way that heavily alludes to many of the greatest changes in humanity. I’ll let you see for yourself, but this opening section is written in a way that is very epic, for better or for worse, it is highly charged. In section one Brendon defines for us what freedom is, what fear is, and what motivation is. He describes the three topics and explains the human psychology behind them. We learn how freedom is one of the driving motivations for mankind, and how our search for freedom is often at the center of our search for happiness. Next, we learn about fear and how it not only cripples our freedom, but locks us into unhappy lives. Finally, we learn about motivation, how to sustain it, and how our success often hinges upon the amount of energy and motivation we can carry with us into our daily lives. Section two covers the... read more

10 Minute toughness- book review

10 minute toughness by Jason Selk is a blueprint for success in athletics, business, and life.  Although this book is custom tailored for athletes, many of the exercises and ideas are directly applicable to any and all other aspects of our lives.   I have to admit the first time I read this book I was unimpressed and found very little useful information in it; however, when a very successful former opponent of mine recommended it at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, I decided to give it another shot; I wasn’t disappointed the second time around.   I think a large part of my discontent the first read around was due to the fact that I was not mentally ready for direct work on mental toughness, I was not awake at that time, and I was not ready to accept many of the ideas in the book I now accept as truth.  If you are just starting out into self improvement, I would not recommend this book, but instead recommend it to those who have already established a belief in the power of change and personal growth.   The book is divided into 3 phases and teaches us a mental workout that we can perform each day that will make us more mentally tough, more able to handle pressure, and better equipped to deal the challenges we face every day. Not only will 10 minute toughness teach you how to respond to adversity, but it also teaches you how to learn from failure, and turn it into a powerful learning opportunity.   Phase 1 covers the mental workout.  The mental... read more

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It has been over 6 months now for us here at and to celebrate, we are giving away a free 50$ Amazon gift card.  All you have to do is fill out our short 10 question survey and submit a valid email so that we can contact you if you win. Winner will be announced in August, and we will send an email to the winner notifying them, so please make sure you enter your email in the survey! Good luck, and thank you so much for choosing as your source for self improvement!   Click here to take the survey now. The survey was created with survey... read more

The marriage advice I wish I would have had- Book Review

Recently I was contacted by a representative of Gerald Rogers who asked if I would be interested in receiving a free copy of Gerald’s book, The marriage advice I wish I would have had”.  Always a skeptic I agreed to write an honest review of the book after I received my copy and read through it.  The following review is not a paid endorsement, but is a genuine review on what I considered to be an excellent book written by a heartfelt man who regrets the loss of his marriage. In the preface and introduction of The marriage advice I wish I would have had, Gerald tells us a little bit about his story, how he came through a painful divorce, and how he accepts responsibility for the divorce.  In a step away from most people, Gerald acknowledges that there are things he should have done to keep his marriage strong, and the book is dedicated to people looking to save and protect their own marriages, renew or revive suffering marriages, or build the foundations for a new marriage. Gerald’s book is an introspective journey into what WE can do to make a better marriage or relationship, and instead of focusing on how to deal with problems, it focuses on how to give our partner the love they deserve and create a truly unique and wonderful relationship. The book is a quick read (it can be easily read in a sitting), but it is written so that you and your partner can do some exercises together, so it could easily be read (with your spouse) over the course of... read more

7 Habits of highly effective people- Review

The book 7 habits of Highly Effective People is one of the premier, and most heavily promoted, self improvement books available in the world.  People from all different walks of life have read the book and it is a national bestseller for good reason.  The book lays outs a clear road for us on the journey to our best selves; of particular value, is the idea that our character needs to built upon values that are based off of our highest aspirations for ourselves.  This book is an excellent starter book for someone looking to start improving themselves: it lays a strong foundation for your personal growth; 7 habits is a must read for anyone currently in or moving into a growth period in life.  If I had to tell someone wanting to change their life what to read, 7 Habits of highly effective people would always be in the top 5 list!   We start our experience in the book 7 Habits by learning about paradigms and belief systems.  If you have read many self help books then this section will be nothing new to you, because as with all self help books, the first step to making changes and growing is to realise you are capable of change.  Since most of us end up locked in a place of fear clinging desperately to comfort, we must first become self aware to empower ourselves with the ability to change.  Becoming self aware and becoming able to identify our beliefs as something separate from who we are, gives us the first tool needed to take control of our destinies.... read more

How reading helps you grow (The top 3 reading benefits)

Reading may be one of the greatest tools for learning and personal development that there is.  There are few actions that can potentiate life change like reading books can.  We can spend hours reading articles online or watching videos to teach us how to do something, but it almost never amounts to the multitude of information that we can pick out of a book.   Reading self development or teaching books can offer several benefits; not only does reading stimulate your mind and sharpen your vocabulary skills, but reading is also a potent source of real world and specialized knowledge.     Reading stimulates your mind.   Studies have shown over and over again that reading is a powerful exercise for the brain.  People who read regularly tend to have: more depth in their vocabulary, better attention spans, better memory, less incidence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, better writing skills, and increased critical thinking skills.  Being exposed to well written material in published books expands your vocabulary and writing skills through immersion; reading consistently puts you around good writing and vocabulary.  Reading also expands your attention span, focus, and memory; when we read a book we have to remember names, places, dates, and stories; as we learn to focus on more details in a book we increase our power of attention and our information recall simultaneously.  Reading also increases our critical thinking skills; being exposed to complex plots and stories helps us to learn to assimilate information into a broader picture: we can think through ideas and information more precisely.     Reading can offer up encouragement.  ... read more



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