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Better and Faster- Book review

Better and Faster- Book review

Every so often you read something truly unique, some book that offers wisdom beyond its time that will last throughout the ages and still provide value to people for years to come: Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche is one of those books. In this book Jeremy (the CEO of tells us the lessons he has learned from observing major companies that have succeeded, failed, risen, and fallen over the last 100 years. He gives us actionable tips and amazing stories that show us what these principles look like in action. Through excellent and very interesting stories of real and recognizable companies, we can see some of the special qualities that exist in the greatest companies in the market. This book doesn’t just completely destroy your views of business and what makes business successful, but it will also encourage you to live more fully, take more risks, and create a life worth remembering. This book gives us lessons for our businesses, but it also encourages us, and gives us many lessons that will help us succeed in any area of our lives. This book is an absolute must read!

In part one we learn about the farmer and the hunter mentalities in life. Farmers hold onto what they have, they refuse to take risks, and they expect things to never change from the way they currently are.

The hunter is lean, he’s hungry, and he runs through the wilderness excitedly seeking his next meal. Farmers are safe, slow, and predictable, they may eat, but they will never thrive. Hunters are exciting, fast, and able to roll with adversity and change, because after all, change is the only thing certain in life.

In part 2 Jeremy teaches us all the lessons and traits of the hunter, he calls us to adapt to change, create new and exciting ideas, diverge from the norm, observe cycles in markets and trends, look to different areas for inspiration, how to do things others are afraid to do, and how to find special opportunities that others are too afraid to go seek out. If you truly want to be successful and have lasting success in life, we learn you must adopt the way of the hunter.

Farming might feed you for a time, and it might feel safe, but we see time after time in the book that the companies who refuse to adapt, change, and grow, end up failing. Only the companies that are living on the bleeding edge, taking risks, and failing are the companies that make it big in today’s world. Apple, Google, and many other companies have thrived, even in times of economic decline, through calculated risk taking and embracing opportunities that others were too afraid or too conservative to take.

In part 3 Jeremy helps us put together everything we learned and use the principles we learned to create a truly unique environment of growth and opportunity in our lives. We do a few case studies and take a look at specific examples of each trait of the hunter. This section will cement all that we have learned and ensure we are ready to use the tools that we have added to our arsenal.

This book is truly revolutionary. Jeremy is able to take a great compilation of case studies and examples and use them to paint us a picture of what special traits are required for continued success and growth, not only in business, but in our lives. His examples of the hunter and the farmer are poignant and show us exactly what it takes to be at the top. In the world of constant change, growing technology, and ever changing tastes and trends, we must learn to embrace and identify trends, adapt to new demands, and be prepared to hunt for new opportunities even while we currently enjoy success.

Complacency is the number one enemy of growth and progress, and Jeremy shows us a blueprint to create an insatiable hunger for more and better ways of doing things. If you run a business, want to run a business, work in high level management, or are looking for what you want to do with your life, buy this book, today!


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