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Benefits of daily exercise for your mind- The Helpful Habit Series

Benefits of daily exercise for your mind- The Helpful Habit Series

If there was a simple trick you could use that would instantly boost your: energy levels, mood, productivity, sense of satisfaction, and it only involved 30-60 minutes each day would you give it a try?  Fortunately this trick does exist, and its highly accessible to everyone; many of the worlds most successful people already use and trust this technique for its benefits.  The technique?  Exercise.


People have known the benefits of exercise on our bodies and health for years, but only as science progresses do we learn the “hidden” gems of this daily habit.  Exercise can increase circulation throughout our bodies and into our brains, increase alertness, create powerful endorphins and neurotransmitters that elevate our moods, improve our memory, and help us become more productive.


In a study conducted in 2008, (, researchers examined the effects of exercise on people’s moods and performance at work.  Of the people tested, almost all of them reported a significant increase in their mood, performance, and motivation levels throughout the entire day.  Though the results are self reported, it still stands pretty clear that they at least felt better after exercise.  You can read the entire study at the link above, but their research is pretty conclusive that exercise DOES boost your brain power and mood.


As we exercise, our bodies produce certain neurotransmitters and endorphins that boost our mood, alertness, and focus.  Exercise, as a form of stress, kicks our bodies into fight or flight mode, and as we produce endorphins that allow us to perform better during our workouts, we also gain the secondary benefits like increased focus and elevated mood.


brain scan

Above, shows a brain scan conducted on people showing their brain activity after sitting quietly, and also after a 20 minute walk; we can see increased activity in the post exercise brain quite clearly.


Aside from the obvious health benefits of regular exercise, and along with the powerful immediate effects on our brains and moods, exercise also produces certain protective qualities for our brains.  People who engage in regular activity not only suffer lower levels of parkinson’s and alzheimer’s disease, but they also show less signs of brain shrinkage and other signs of aging.

So it is pretty cut and dry, if you want a long, happy, and healthy life, you need daily exercise in your life.  We don’t all need to be marathoners or professional athletes, but engaging in 30 minute to 1 hour of exercise each day will produce many noticeable benefits for you: both immediately and in the long run as well. Increased productivity, elevated mood, better health, better memory, and prevention of some very nasty diseases are all reasons that exercise is one of the pillars of a happy life at Make Your Best Self.  If you aren’t already taking advantage of this powerful life habit, start now, you won’t be sorry.

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