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Are you feeling lost or unhappy? You might not be on the right path in life.

Are you feeling lost or unhappy?  You might not be on the right path in life.

There is a question that invariably comes up from time to time throughout our lives; am I on the right path in life?  There will come times when we are tired: when we are fed up, when what we are doing isn’t making us happy anymore.  The important thing to determine in these times is if our goals for the future, or our ideal future has changed.  Any time we begin to see ourselves headed in a direction other than what we have planned for, we need to determine two things: has our vision for the future changed, or have our actions drifted off of our desired course.


When you suddenly start feeling lack of inspiration, melancholy, or hopelessness it is probably a good time to re-examine your goals and daily actions.  This shouldn’t be the case for someone who just started on a new journey, but it could be if you didn’t do the proper planning before you started on your path.  First I recommend looking at your future goals, “Are they still the same?”, “What is your progress?”, and “How far have you come?”: these are all questions you need to ask yourself at this time.  If your perfect vision of the future had you rolling around in a benz, spending money wildly, and partying up a storm; yet, suddenly you are finding yourself wanting to spend more time with family, then you really need to examine what you want for your future; it won’t be easy, and you might have to ask some tough questions, but it is very important you determine what you want and where and who you want to be.  If your vision of the future is still the same, then its time to start examining your actions to see if they match up to your vision.  Read more about determining you future goals here (on planning out your future).


If you suddenly feel discouraged and distraught, you feel like you aren’t making progress, and you feel your dreams are farther away each day, then it is time to examine your daily actions. It is tough to achieve some goals, especially your long term goals in the future, and you should aim very high- almost out of reach for your perceived capabilities.  Feeling down when we fail is a natural part of the process; however, an overwhelming sense of helplessness is not.  Ask yourself what changes you can make to your daily actions in order to realign yourself with your future goals.  Do you need to change careers, do you need to move to a new home, do you need to get out of a toxic relationship, or do you need to replace an energy draining group of friends?  Answering questions like these will help give you an idea of what needs to change.


When you feel helpless: like the actions you are taking aren’t getting you anywhere, avoid falling into the negativity trap; instead, ask yourself what changes you can make to improve your effectiveness, happiness, or situation.  It is important in these instances to keep your eyes on the prize and focus on finding solutions for the problems and negative emotions you are feeling.


Usually if you feel highly unhappy its from one of two things: unhappiness with your current situation and actions, or discontent with the destination you are headed for.  A feeling of emptiness and feeling lost can come from feeling trapped in an ineffective action or a bad situation, or it can come from a lack of commitment to something beyond your immediate comfort.  When a lack of motivation strikes we need to determine its source, whether its a change of heart, or a lack of daily effectiveness and commitment, its very important to determine the cause.  After we understand where these negative emotions are coming from, we need to start IMMEDIATELY taking action to correct our problem.  Either set new goals, change our daily habits, or plan a new future for ourselves accordingly.  Taking these steps early will ensure that we make the most of our short time here on earth.

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