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7 ways to hit your goals faster

7 ways to hit your goals faster

If you are a stranger the benefits of setting goals, and you don’t already use SMART goals to help you achieve more in life and get more done, then you can start by reading the first two links in this article; if however, you already are convinced of the importance of goal setting and you just want to figure out how to make your dreams come true sooner, then you have come to the right place.

Some goals are meant to be lofty and large: long-term or process goals are meant to serve as guide-stones that direct your entire life’s work; some of these goals will actually will be achieved, but some of them are just there to give you more direction and inspiration to try new things and improve.

For example: setting a goal to receive a prestigious award marking you as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century may be too large to achieve (it isn’t impossible it will just be very difficult), but if you ensure that your actions each day are aimed at making that dream a reality, then you will be sure to do a lot of great things along the way.

So how do you make your goals come to you faster, how do you ensure that your actions are making the very most of each moment, and how can you create a plan that will lead you to the promised land in the minimum amount of time?


1. Increase your self confidence

Every action can only be performed maximally with belief behind it; if you don’t really believe that something is possible, then there is little chance that you will perform it to the best of your ability. It is great to be realistic and to understand that the things that you want in life may be a great challenge, but you should always have enough confidence in yourself to KNOW that you can make your dreams into reality if you work hard enough.

Try reading books like “Unstoppable Confidence”, “The Charisma Myth”, or “10 Minute Toughness” that go into more detail about how to create personal confidence. Read biographies about great men and women who lived life with high confidence levels and try to follow in their footsteps. Act more confident, get in shape, start learning again: all of these things can help you increase your confidence and as your confidence grows so does your potential.


2. Create a Positive mental attitude (PMA)

A positive mental attitude is a total necessity to create any type of long-term success; but, a positive mental attitude isn’t about deluding yourself about your talents or abilities, it isn’t about pretending that everything that happens in life is a fun and exciting experience, and it isn’t about pretending that the road will be easy; a positive mental attitude is about realizing that you are not perfect- but that you can improve, its about knowing the road is going to be bumpy and down right awful at times, but that you can persevere anyway, and it’s about taking a look into a difficult future and focusing on how to overcome those hard times.

Create a mental attitude that focuses on finding solutions to problems rather than dwelling on them; create a mind that thrives on challenges and growth instead of a mind that clings to comfort and predictability; create a mind that knows that difficulty is ahead, that it isn’t personal, and that you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful within your ability to adapt and grow to face ANY circumstance.


3. Break up larger goals into daily increments (focus on the process not the product)

Once your mind is right- you have some confidence, and you have an attitude supportive of moving forward, it is time to start breaking up what you want in life down into smaller increments. Small increments are more motivating, less demanding, and they require less emotion and control to implement.

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier, they asked him how he did it and he responded by saying that he just focused on taking one more step at his current pace until he was finished. Banister didn’t think about where he was, how much time was left, who was watching, and if he could do it or not, he just took one more step at his current pace until he stepped into the record books. After the race was over he walked away with a world record and he shattered a notion that thousands had held onto four years…The 4 minute mile was not impossible.

When you look at your goal to achieve something in 20 years, try not to view yourself as a dot on a timeline somewhere between where you started and where you want to be, instead view the actions that you need to do each day to get where you are going.

Too much focus on success, and not enough focus on the daily actions that create success will lead you to nothing but discouragement and failure. The road to success is created one brick at a time, lay each brick with indifferent determination and embrace the process.


4. Do something every day

Success is created one step at a time, so it makes more sense to take 1 step every single day that it does to take 5 steps in 3 days and then take a break for a week. If you want to achieve faster successes don’t aim for rapid results, aim for steady consistency.

Remember the old story about the tortoise and the hair? The hair was so focused on being fast that he ran and ran and then relaxed for a while, but the tortoise was much slower and he realized that he needed to just keep up his pace to win. Success is just like that: the people who want quick results are usually the same ones that fail.

Sometimes you might get lucky and find success quickly, but don’t look at your future as this quick process. There is no moment of absolute perfection and eternal happiness, life is not over until you die… so what is your hurry?

Don’t worry about how fast you are moving, just commit to moving every single day. The more consistently you can execute the same daily habits, the more you can gradually do every single day without getting burnt-out and discouraged. Be the tortoise and not the hair.

5. Evaluate your progress

I know I just told you to focus on the process and not the result, but sometimes you need to be able to objectively look at your progress, evaluate it, and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

Even if you are working very hard at something, it is reasonable to anticipate that mistakes will be made; it is common to find after several months of work that there is a better way to do the same work: these types of revelations often come after realizing that your progress is slowing down or non-existent.

Schedule times for regular evaluation of your progress in life. Ask yourself what you could do better, where you can make improvements to the process, how you can become more productive? Questions like these can help you to end up where you want to be more quickly, but it can often be tricky to evaluate yourself objectively and fairly so you can always enlist the help of a friend, family member, or even a coach.


6. Actively seek out challenges

Challenge is the battleground for change and personal growth. Want to grow faster? Challenge yourself more. Want to get more done? Challenge yourself more. Want to get better results? Challenge yourself more.

Challenges breed strength, discipline, personal growth, new skill aquisition, confidence, and a PMA. Don’t wish for the road to be easy, seek out a road difficult enough to challenge you to be your best. Complacency breeds decay, and the person that you want to be is on the other side of the challenge.

7. Get help

I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you about all of the benefits that you can gain from getting someone else to help you on the road to success. Everyone needs a mentor sometimes. If you want a better career you either go through apprenticeship or you go to school, if your finances are a wreck then you often go to credit counseling or a financial planner, if your marriage is in shambles then you go to marriage counseling or find an older couple that can mentor you and your partner.

Whether your mentor is a person in a book, a close friend, a teacher, or a coach, having someone to help you along in your journey is often worth its own weight in gold. As a life coach I can personally testify to the value of having someone walk with you throughout your journey, not only does having someone along side you encourage you to grow, but it gives you a professional friend to talk to, and a coach to correct you and give you ways to improve. If you want results faster then you need a mentor; choose wisely!


All of these tips will help you to reach your goals more quickly; whether you are trying to lose weight, make money, get a promotion, become a better family member or friend, get fit, or just totally change your life you must follow this process. Create confidence, create a PMA, set goals, take action, evaluate the process, and of course find a mentor!

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