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7, not so secret, secrets of success that anyone can see if they look hard enough

7, not so secret, secrets of success that anyone can see if they look hard enough

Successful people are usually successful because of their beliefs, because of their work ethics, and because they throw themselves into things fully and see them through until they succeed. People who have never experienced success for themselves often imagine that success is a by-product of luck, good circumstances, or being in the right place at the right time, and while sometimes these factors play a role in success, they aren’t the ultimate determiners of people’s fate.

Successful people don’t really keep secrets from the rest of us, you can take a look at their lifestyle and see that they live very differently from your average joe. If you take a close look into the lives of some of history’s greats you will see that they weren’t superhuman, they were human beings that became something great through the routines in their daily lives.

Perhaps the most powerful secret of success is that successful people usually started out just like you or me. Want to become like them? Want to achieve your own success and learn the secrets of getting what you want from life, then read the 7- not so secret- secrets of success


  1. Getting started is way more important than being perfect

We often think of success as alignment with perfection, yet success is often very far from it. Success doesn’t usually come from having the perfect plan and the perfect execution of that plan, but instead it tends to come from people who took risks, took the first step, and just got started.

All the things that you don’t yet know, you will learn along the way; all the things that stand in your way, you can figure out how to beat through experience; all the possible variables that scare you away from starting will become just a memory once you begin. One of the biggest secrets of success is that the power to make success doesn’t lie in having the better plan, it lies within getting started.

97% of failure comes from not having the courage to take the first step. This is where the vast majority of us tend to stay: we never get started creating success so it never comes to us.


  1. Skill is developed not inherited

It is easy to look at successful people, see all their skills and accomplishments and to assume that we can never achieve things that they have achieved; much like we only see the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the water, we often only see the end result success for others- we can’t see all the hard work that was put in to develop that success.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, it is forged through boardrooms, won each day in the battle of life, and taken from a hostile world that will squash your dreams in a second.

The skills you need for success can be developed day by day until you are ready for success. It will not happen overnight no matter how talented or skilled you think that you are. If you don’t yet have the skills you you can develop them if you work at it.


toughness, military, hard work

When life gets tough, the tough get going

  1. The people who succeed are the people who refuse to quit

A huge secret of success is that the difference between success and failure in the long-run is deciding to quit or deciding to keep going. When people quit: that is failure; but, when people decide to continue on no matter what lies in front of them, they will eventually find success lying in front of them. Even if the future doesn’t hold exactly what you have planned, if you don’t give up then you will eventually find something great in your future.

True success is not some magic moment that happens and just lasts forever, it is a continual journey that comes to us only after we pass through the trials of life. The people who succeed are the people that push through the difficulties of life and find the the person that they could be on the other side. It isn’t the accomplishment that creates success, it is the person that you become on your journey.


  1. Success usually comes from a good environment

Success, whether financial, personal, or business comes from forming the types of positive habits that allow us to achieve success. Successful businesses are successful because of their daily habits, because of their track records, and because of their mindsets: the same rules apply to people and products.

Success comes from setting yourself apart from the rest and creating the types of habits that will ensure success in your endeavors. You can’t ever reach the heights of success doing the same things that made you unsuccessful in the first place. Successful people know that the people you surround yourself, the situations you allow yourself into, and the types of things you do each day make you into the person that you are. Your life will reflect the daily habits and behaviors you engage in, chose good habits to create success.


  1. Belief in yourself is key

No success was ever had without the belief that it was possible. If you don’t believe that success is a possibility not only will you not try hard enough to make it happen, but even with hard work it is unlikely that you will make it happen. Success comes to people when they are ready for it, when they have done the work, created the right habits, and when they believe that they are ready for it.

Success still requires that we get started, work hard, and take the right steps, but belief in the ability to make it happen is central to the whole picture. Without belief in yourself, your efforts mean nothing.


  1. Working smarter beats working harder

In today’s world we often live with the idea that the only way to get success is to work ourselves to death, but you don’t have to work yourself into an early grave to achieve success. Success can be different for different people:it is always relative. Success for some is being able to travel the world and for others it is to put a million dollars in the bank. Whatever your idea of success is, it makes the most sense to work effectively and efficiently and get the most done with the least amount of effort. Don’t dig yourself into a work hole and never come out, make sure to balance all of the aspects of your life and work smarter not harder.


Life is in your hands

Your life is in your hands, success is in your control.


  1. You are responsible for your life

An often missed secret of success is that we are responsible for our own lives and what we get. Does that mean that we control everything? No. And does it mean that bad things don’t happen to us sometimes? Again, no. Things happen every single day in the world that people cannot control, but what we can always control is how we respond to those events.

Your life is somewhat random, but what really creates who you are and what you achieve is how you choose to respond to the circumstances in your life. If you take a proactive stance towards making the types of changes that make you happy and make you successful then you will experience much more success than if you just stand idly by and wait for things to happen to you.


Success can be almost anything in life. Many people’s ideas of what success involves are very different, but rest assured the steps to getting the success that you are after are almost always the same.

The secret that many of us refuse to believe is that success is your responsibility. No one can take it away from you and no one can make it for you, it is up to you to create the life that you desire.

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