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6 reasons why getting back in shape can spice up your love life

6 reasons why getting back in shape can spice up your love life

Getting in shape and getting that body of your dreams can do wonders for your relationship, even if it means taking time to be alone or get away from the kids to get to the gym. Exercise is one of those sort of selfish things that we do for ourselves that ends up making us better and happier people, and better happier people usually end up making other people better and happier too.

It may sound weird that taking 5 hours a week to spend away from your partner could make you both happier, but it really is true; getting yourself into a good level of fitness can offer several benefits to you and your relationship: you will look better, you will have more energy, you’ll be more confident, you will have more magnetism, you will have a better (ahem) performance, and people who are fit are just generally happier people; all of these benefits can make for a better relationship read on to find out how.


  1. You will look better

Getting fit means you are going to have a better body, and everyone likes a better body right? We live in a world of 6 pack abs, shining smiles, and figures with perfect proportions, and while your partner probably loves you like you are, they are going to have no problems touching those new abs of yours.

People like being with people who look good, there is nothing like truly feeling that the person you are with is the most attractive person in the world.


Being alive!

Take all that new energy and do something fun and crazy again!


  1. You will have more energy

People who exercise and maintain a healthy weight have more energy for everyday life; that means you can be more spontaneous, more fun, more loving, and more vitalic when you are in shape. Having your health under control just gives you a special glow that attracts others, and with more energy you can get more done and be an even better lover!


  1. You will be more confident

Increased confidence from looking and feeling better is part of the confidence boost you get from getting fit, but it goes even deeper; when we can look into the mirror and truly feel happy and pleased with the way we look we are more relaxed, we worry less, and we feel more assertive and more likely to communicate and be who we really are. Increasing your own self confidence is also a great way to increase the confidence of those around you through influence. Chances are you becoming more confident will help your lover feel more confident too.


  1. You will increase your allure

Allure, you know, that special personal magnetism that drives your partner wild: it’s partly looks, partly that confident swagger of yours, partly your ability to love and make them laugh. Getting fit and taking care of your body is a great way to increase the overall attraction that your mate feels for you each day, and as their attraction rises up, they are going to be more likely to make those moves…which leads too….


couple in love

This could be you, get back in the gym!


  1. You can perform better

People who are in shape have better blood flow and endurance, that means sex can become more rigorous, more enjoyable, and more sensitive. Everyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that a great sex life is part of long term chemistry. Keeping your sex life exciting, fun, and maybe a little bit challenging helps keep those butterflies alive; so if you want better sex, get back in shape!


  1. You will be happier

All of the benefits listed above will lead to a happier you and a happier you will lead to a happier relationship. Happy people have a more optimistic outlook, they complain less, they are more easy going, and they are more fun. Nobody wants to be around grumpy old Gus, they would rather be around happy old Harry; make your health a priority, trust me, no one is going to complain about you taking care of yourself.


Getting in shape can make you a happier, more attractive, more confident, more energetic and fun, more arousing as a  person, and it can give you a better sex life too; there is no reason not to get back in shape, and why not gently encourage your lover to do the same if they need it. When both partners get in shape together it can boost your bonding and help you feel closer to one another as well.

So go ahead, be selfish, get that gym membership and get back in shape. What do you have to lose?

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