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5 simple ways to be more healthy, today, that require little effort of discipline.

5 simple ways to be more healthy, today, that require little effort of discipline.

Many people feel they are just so unhealthy that they are helpless to do anything to change how they look and feel. Many of us mistakenly assume that we have to change everything that we eat and do forever to make any changes to our fitness, and so we just give up without even making an effort.


Your health is like everything else in life, you must learn to focus on it with balance and learn to weigh the costs of your actions against the benefit of their result.


Just taking a few small steps each day can have you well on your way to a happier and healthier you, and since health is at the core of any healthy person, it stand to reason that the small investment of energy it takes to get started will pay off exponentially in the long run.


  1. Get more active.


Ok, so maybe you don’t have 30 minutes to devote to daily exercise, or maybe you really are too tired to do it (I think you really do have the time and energy you need, but I will pretend that you can’t).  Even if you can’t do a full 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days per week, there are ways to get more active without “exercising”.


We have all heard the old tip to take the stairs at work, but what other things can we do to trick our bodies into getting more active?


Walk or bike to work, get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour at work, walk a little further to something that you normally would, take your kids to the park, walk the dog an extra block: these are just a few of the examples.


The main thing is this: get more active, just don’t be so sedentary, and over time you will be able to do more.  Your energy levels will actually go up as you get more active, don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself and see.


  1. Eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates


Sugar, refined carbohydrates, and simple starches are all pretty bad for your health.


Foods like sweets, potatoes, white bread, white rice, instant oatmeal, and breakfast cereals are all common foods that people eat liberally, but that don’t contribute any benefit to your health.


These foods can drop your energy levels, make you feel bad, and give you little benefit in the way of nutrition.  Just try eating less of these things each day and it can make a big difference in your health.


  1.  Eat more quality protein.


Quality proteins like lean beef, turkey, chicken, eggs, nuts, and fish are all great choices for your health.  Not only are they full of healthy fats, but they are packed with protein that will help you feel more full, slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, and promote muscle growth and repair.


Most people are not eating enough protein, especially in relation to the amount of fat and carbs that they are eating, so go ahead, give it a try.  Take in more protein and enjoy.


  1. Get more rest.


Most people don’t get nearly enough sleep.


In a world of constant go, go, go, it can be hard to find 6-8 hours per day to sleep, but it will definitely make you feel better along the way.


Sleep can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, make you feel happier, and fight depression.


Don’t sleep away your whole life, but make sure to get your Zs.


I know I certainly don’t feel like doing anything I know I should do if I haven’t had enough sleep.  So be smarter than I am, and go to bed!


  1. Stress less


Stress is bad for you, it is that simple.


Stress raises blood pressure, clouds thoughts, raises the pulse rate, prevents us from getting restful sleep, makes us miserable and depressed, and lowers our quality of life.


You can lower stress by many different interventions, things like meditation, exercise, a quiet walk, being in nature, or reading can all help us relieve stress and let go of what is bothering us.



These 5 tips are simple, and require very little work to start doing.  You should learn to value your health, because when you live each day in an unhealthy way, you are really just disrespecting yourself.


Learn to love yourself and treat your body the way you deserve, youll end up being happier, healthier, and more fit.  Who doesn’t want that?

What things have you been doing to take better care of your health, and what things should you be doing more?  Leave a comment below or find us on Facebook and let us know what you are doing for your health.

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