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5 healthy fast foods you can grab in a pinch.

5 healthy fast foods you can grab in a pinch.

We all end up with a time pinch sometimes, even the best of us…

regardless of meal prepping, taking time to prepare our meals and make healthy choices, sometimes you will be hungry and have just a few minutes to grab something to eat, but that doesn’t have to spell disaster for your health.

With health consciousness on the rise, there are more and more choices that we can make- even from fast food- that won’t break our diets or our health.

The following is my personal list of my top 5 go to fast food meals.


chipotle1. Chipotle- Salad Bowl

A chipotle salad bowl is one of my favorites, and one of my go to choices when it is time to grab a meal in a pinch. Not only are chipotle salads low in sugar and fat, but you can load them up with beans, protein, and even guacamole (for healthy fats). Chipotle also strives to be environmentally responsible by choosing local foods and sustainably raised meats when possible, and they just recently pledged to remove all GMO products from their food.


wendys chilli2. Wendy’s- Large Chili

A large chili from Wendy’s is a great choice in a pinch. Aside from being high in sodium, Wendy’s chili is high in protein, high in fiber, and low in sugar. Wendy’s always sports a drive through so it is a great choice when you don’t even have time to go inside and place an order.


boston market3. Boston Market- Turkey breast meal

I love grabbing a large turkey breast meal from boston market when I am in a rush. If you grab double vegetables for sides and stay away from the side options like sweet potato casserole, mac and cheese, or mashed potatoes, and you can have a pretty healthy meal thats high in protein and comes with a couple servings of veggies to boot.



4. Subway- Chopped chicken salad, or 6 inch roasted chicken breast on honey oat bread.

Subway may have come under fire for some of the ingredients in their bread, but much of this backlash comes because of their slogan “Eat fresh”. Of course, fast food is not as good as fresh whole foods that you make yourself, but Subway is leaps and bound above many other fast food establishments when it comes to health.

Grab a six inch sandwich on honey oat bread or a chopped salad and stick to meat choices like roast beef, turkey, or chicken breast, and now you can even sometimes find avocado at some subways. High protein and fiber, tons of fressh veggies, and a lot healthy side choices, what’s not to like?



5. Jimmy John’s-  Turkey club on whole wheat bread

Jimmy John’s is famous for their baguette french style bread, but they also have a little known whole wheat bread choice, or if you are feeling uber healthy, try an unwich instead (basically the sandwich, minus the bread and wrapped in lettuce).

High in protein with lots of options for fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, Jimmy John’s can make a great choice in a time crunch, and their motto is even “freaky fast”.


It is always best to choose whole food meals that you prepare yourself, but when you simply can’t, you can STILL make good choice even in the fast food world.  

There are many meals that could be included in this list, and you can grab a salad with grilled chicken from just about any fast food restaurant in the world (which is always a decent choice).

We should try our best to prepare our foods at home when possible, but when everything goes wrong, don’t think you should just grab a Big Mac by default, there are a lot of healthy options out there these days!

What do you think, fast food is still fast food?  What is your favorite healthy fast food meal in a pinch?  Know any awesome options out there that I don’t Know about?  I want to hear what you have to say!  Please leave a comment below, or feel free to give our article a share if you know someone who might like a short list of healthy fast foods in a pinch.

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