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4 things you have never been told before, but you really should hear.

4 things you have never been told before, but you really should hear.

Everything you have ever been told is a lie.


Does that make you mad, hurt your feelings, peak your curiosity, or just make you sick to your stomach? I am happy with whatever answer you choose, because in this world of low standards, political correctness, and mediocrity, I would rather shock you into a realization than let you sleep on the opportunities that are knocking at your door right now.


There is too much concern for being politically correct, too much sensitivity that people carry around concerning their believes, and there is far too much given to people in America that they never had to work for. We live is a world of brainwashing and groupthink that makes it nearly impossible to live a unique life and truly be someone one of a kind.


So here is my list of 4 things no one has ever told you before-because they aren’t PC- that someone really should tell you, and trust me, if you ever want to think for yourself you need to understand each one.


  1. Who you “are” is just some made up story you started telling yourself.


Every time you tell someone who you are or respond that you are a “fill in your career of choice”, every time you choose to stay in instead of finding an adventure, and every time you take the safe road instead of the road less traveled you write a little story in your book of life.  Each time you define a personal limit or accept that something is beyond your control you give up your power to change anything.


At some point in your life, you started accepting that things just are the way they are, that you are just who you are and nothing can change those facts, but you aren’t some stupid story that you tell yourself, you are whatever you want to be. You aren’t your past, you aren’t the amount of money in your pocket or the shirt on your back, you are limitless and cannot be defined unless you accept a definition.


  1. Your life is the result of your choices and beliefs, and only YOU can make yourself a victim.


Things will happen that are out of your control. Maybe you were born into an abusive family, maybe you have a congenital disease, or maybe your house was hit by a meteor and you lost everything, but 99% of things that happen in your life are a direct or at least partial result of your choices in life.


Every single choice you make has ripples that will affect your life for years into the future. You always have the choice to get up and deal with adversity, but most of the time, people allow their circumstances to define them, instead of choosing to define their circumstances.


There are two choices when something bad happens in life, you can be the hero or you can be the victim, and most people are victims; they give up control and boo-hoo over their problems all day long while somewhere around the world a 13 year old kid who weighs 40 lbs is starving to death alone in a ditch.


I don’t pity you for your problems, and I hope you won’t pity me for mine either, when I lay around depressed over how hard my life is, I hope someone will tell me to suck it up and do something about it.


Stop being the victim and start doing something about your problems. No one wants to hear you complain. I respect a person who is miserable and wants to change, is willing to do something about it, or is trying to make something work, but I can’t stand people who just cry all day long about their problems and never do a thing to change them. Just do something about it and shut up, life isn’t fair, but you should just be grateful you aren’t worse off than you are.


  1. You are going to die someday and it could be a lot sooner than later.


You are going to die; it could be today, tomorrow, next week, or 50 years from now, but you better believe that the ripper is coming for you someday. No one has ever escaped death, and you aren’t going to be the person who does is first.


I,for one, would much rather accept this fact today and live the best life that I possibly can each day, then to live in ignorance and waste away the entirety of my life. Just know that one day you will be lying somewhere dying or on the brink of death, and you are going to have to look back at your life: what you did, how you treated others, the things you chose and decisions you made…will you be happy with what you see?


  1. Society is probably wrong about everything.


All of our current scientific beliefs, all of society’s contributions to science, politics, and philosophy will probably all be someday proven wrong. People once believed the world was flat; everybody believed the world was flat, but everybody was wrong. All the world’s brightest and most successful minds were hopelessly wrong.


Consensus among a lot of people, even if it is 99% of people, even if it is the best and brightest people of a culture doesn’t make something right. In WW2 an entire country rallied together to eliminate an entire group of people from the earth, and you think that just because a lot of people think something is ok it makes it ok?


Slavery, persecution, bigotry, and crusades have all been carried out and spread with a lot of supporters behind them claiming what they were doing was the right thing. Be careful before you believe something and are willing to fight others for it, and just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean it is right. Instead form a skeptical mind and learn to think and act from a place of deep belief and reasoning, and question everything.

So just remember: whatever you tell yourself you are, you will become; your life is the result of what you have accepted and chosen to believe; you are going to die; and everything you believe in could very well be a lie.

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