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35 fun and unconventional ways to get more exercise.

35 fun and unconventional ways to get more exercise.

Want to get more fit, but hate lifting weights, running, and hitting the treadmill?


Seriously, it can be tough committing to working out, especially when you hate what you are doing to get fit, so finding ways to enjoy what you are doing is a great way to improve your health and fitness level.


Read our list of 35 fun and unconventional ways to get fit and get more exercise!


  1. Go for a hike.

Hiking is a great workout, not only do you have to walk up hills, put in good mileage, and sometimes navigate difficult terrain, but you get a great view at the same time.  Head out to your local park, nature refuge, or walking trail and see what is out there!


  1. Play disc golf

Disc golf is a lot like golf, except you use a frisbee instead of hitting a ball.  When playing a game of disc golf, you will spend time walking, and you will use energy throwing your discs at the basket in front of you.  Disc golf is incredibly fun and challenges you to make improvement in your technique which only adds to the reward you feel at the end of a game.


  1. Play ultimate frisbee

We used to play ultimate frisbee each Friday as our cross country practice for the day, and I can honestly say I got more tired playing frisbee then I did from running some days.  In ultimate frisbee you pass the frisbee to your teammates and try to score a touchdown.  You can run unlimitedly when you don’t have the frisbee, but you can only take two steps after you catch it.  You will be sweating bullets by the time a goal or two gets scored!


  1. Go swimming

Swim laps, swim in a pool, swim in a lake, or play water polo.  Just getting in the water and moving around uses a tremendous amount of energy and will build your fitness quickly.


  1. Go kayaking or canoeing

I just went Kayaking for the first time a few months ago in Charleston, SC and it was great!  Even taking a leisure tour with a guide through Charleston’s waterways was a good workout.  You work your upper body rowing and you get some light cardio in too, if you row fast I am sure you can get a serious workout in in no time flat.


  1. Play volleyball

Grab some friends and play a game of competitive volleyball at a gym or in a sand pit.  The sand pits are really fun because you can really dive in without worrying about getting hurt.  You will have a lot of fun and the competition will challenge you to push yourself.


  1. Play basketball
    Basketball is not one of my favorites, and despite being from Indiana, I have never been too good at it, but it can be a great workout for you if its something you enjoy.  Running, shooting, dribbling, and defending will all push you, especially if you have some talented and fit people you are playing with.


  1. Play tag

Remember being a kid and getting so out of breath you could barely stand up any more?  One of those memories probably came from a game of tag.  Hey, tag can be for adults too right?  Embrace your inner child, after all kids are always running around.


  1. Go to a batting cage

Go to your local batting cage and take out some energy and aggression on a ball with a bat.  You can set the speeds pretty fast at the cages, and swinging away will definitely get your heart rate going.


  1. Play tennis

Most tennis players are in good shape for a reason.  Swinging the racquet and returning serves can be quite a workout.  You will build speed, agility, and cardio with this fun sport, and it only takes one other person or a serving machine to make it work out.  Get it?  Work out…


  1. Go rock climbing

Rock climbing is something I like to do occasionally at an indoor gym near my home in Georgia.  Rock Climbing uses an incredible amount of strength and endurance.  You will be out of breath, tired, and sore after a good 1 hour session, especially if you push yourself to nail a difficult climb.  It is a lot of fun.


  1. Take a dance class

How many overweight dancers have you seen in your days?  I haven’t seen many, and that is because dancing can be a serious workout.  You will burn calories, tone muscles, and you can look cool doing it too, well maybe you can, I don’t.


  1. Take a martial arts class

I have been doing martial arts for about 10 years.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and karate all can be a great workout.  Whether you are trying to hit a person, just hitting a bag, or throwing someone through the air, trust me, you will get fit with martial arts.


  1. Go for a bike ride

Riding a bike can be a relaxing way to get in some great fitness, especially if you push yourself to go a little faster.  Look at Lance Armstrong and tell me that a bike can’t get you in shape.


  1. Go fly a kite

No seriously, go fly a kite.  Getting your kite up in the air takes a good run and on a windy day it can be a pretty good workout to guide it through the air as well.  Great for the kids too!


  1. Go to the park

The park is a great place to get some exercise.  Letting out your inner child on the playground equipment, or even just taking a stroll is a great way to get some easy exercise.


  1. Learn how to skateboard

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try learning to skateboard or longboard.  You will use a lot of leg strength and core strength to keep yourself upright and off the ground.  Be sure to buy some good pads to keep yourself safe though.


  1. Buy a trampoline

Remember bouncing around as a kid?  Buying a trampoline may be expensive, but it can be a great source of exercise for adults and kids.  It is a great way to bring a family together, have fun, and get more active.


  1. Take up boxing

Boxing is a great workout, it works your abs, shoulders, arms, and legs.  Boxers are incredibly fit people and have a good mix of strength, flexibility, and endurance, so put on your gloves and duke it out.


  1. Buy a dog and walk it twice a day.

I don’t want a dog right now, because I don’t want to walk a dog, but if you are looking for a way to force yourself to get outside, then man’s best friend can be a good way to motivate yourself.  If you don’t take out the dog, you’ll end up cleaning up a mess on your brand new carpet, so it is up to you.


  1. Take a yoga class

Yoga increases strength and flexibility, balance, and relieves stress.  There is a reason this is one of the fastest growing trends in America, give it a try for yourself and see.


  1. Take a group fitness class

Fitness classes are pretty much designed to be fun, challenging, and get you fit at the same time.  A good instructor will have you sweating your booty off before you even know what hit you.


  1. Buy a personal rowing machine

I have done some indoor rowing in my day, and it is a nice change up from running on the treadmill  You can get a strength workout for your upper body and a cardio workout for your heart and lungs at the same time.


  1. Try gymnastics

Gymnasts are some the fittest people on the planet: strength, flexibility, and endurance are all needed for gymnastics, and it isn’t just for kids, find a local gym and see what it’s all about.


  1. Play soccer

It is not uncommon for soccer players to run multiple miles in a game.  Soccer is a nice mixture of sprints and steady pace running and it pushes you to keep up with the other players on the field.


  1. Do some jumping jacks randomly

Stuck at your desk all day at work? stand up and do 25 jumping jacks to boost your mood and get a little heart rate increase going at the same time.


  1. Do push ups, chins ups, squats or whatever you want

Set a goal to do a certain number of sit-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, squats, or whatever bodyweight workout you want and then do them each day.  It will challenge you to beat your record each day.


  1. Go to the beach

The beach is a great place to release your inner child as you run, swim, laugh, and splash away the day.


  1. Go on a scavenger hunt

Assemble 2 or 3 teams and make a list of things to get done for points and scurry around your town or city to get them done.  Even if you don’t workout much, you’ll be moving around doing something.


  1. Take a pole dancing class

You won’t see me doing this one any time soon, but pole dancing is a serious workout.  You have to learn to use every muscle on your body to grip to the pole and swing around, plus I think most men would enjoy a woman swinging on a pole.


  1. Take an aerial silks class.

Aerial silks involve swinging around in the air holding onto rope like silks that you have to wrap around yourself.  Look it up, there are more places that offer aerial silks popping up around the country everyday.


  1. Go roller skating

I can’t roller skate, so I spend more time holding onto the railing or getting up off the floor, but if you are good at it, you can get a great workout in just by taking some laps, and please, don’t run me over on your way around the rink.


  1. Go cross country skiing

Cross country skiing burns more calories than almost any other exercise, and you will get some great scenery as well.  I have never done this one, but trust me, it is on my list.


  1. Go snow boarding

When you aren’t hitting trees, falling down, or losing your balance, snowboarding can be a great workout.  Use your legs, core, and entire body as you speed down the hills and mountains to a healthier you.


  1. Get incarcerated

Ok I don’t actually recommend this one, but hey, this is a long list and I had to get creative.  I mean, if you get locked up, you won’t have much else to do but workout right?

Thanks for reading our list of 35 fun ways to get fit.  See any activities you would like to try or already do and want to share your thoughts?  Or, want to add a suggestion to the list?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to get updates from MYBS.

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