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11 traits that all tough people share

11 traits that all tough people share

Tough people often intrigue us. Why are some people able to workout 2 times a day and achieve fitness model status while others struggle to get out of bed in the morning and go to work? These are the same reasons that some kids from a bad neighborhood can earn scholarships and go to college, while some children born into opportunity fail in school and fail to graduate.

Toughness just boils down to how much you can take before you give up, it boils down to how much someone can go through before their spirit is broken. Every single person on this planet has a breaking point, but through regular training of your mind you can increase your toughness. The following traits are traits of successful people and you can develop these same traits by committing to developing them in your own life.

You aren’t born tough, you learn toughness overtime through kicking ass and taking names.


  1. They are not victims and don’t carry that mentality.

Tough people don’t play the victim, whatever happens they just dig in and fight back.  They take personal responsibility for where they are in life, for the results of their actions, and for the success that they achieve. They might realize things are sometimes out of their control, but they realize that they can ALWAYS control how they react to a situation.


  1. They try to always be positive, and they constantly re-frame or just ignore the “bad” things in life.

Take a tough person and put them in a crappy situation and it won’t be long before they change it around into something positive. Tough people don’t look at things negatively, they look at them as things that happen- or things that will make them even tougher. Tough people don’t allow themselves to think negative thoughts or doubt themselves, they commit to being positive as much as humanly possible. When things get tough the tough get going, they rise to the occasion, and they kick ass.


  1. They have faith in themselves.

Tough people won’t quit, because they believe in themselves and they know that if they keep trying there is always the chance of success. Tough people push until they can’t push anymore, or until they get what they are after. They know they can do it so it doesn’t matter what obstacles come their way-its all just a part of the process.


  1. They are ready for difficulty and it actually makes them tougher.

Tough people know that difficulty is coming so they are more prepared for it. They don’t expect results to come easily and quickly and they already know in their mind to expect challenges; they don’t get surprised when things get tough, because they planned for it. Tough people don’t avoid challenges they embrace them.



  1. They match the intensity of the situation.

Toughness is about rising to the occasion.  Toughness requires being able to raise your game to the level it needs to be to succeed.  When tough people aren’t getting the results they desire they don’t quit, they push harder and up their effort. Tough people love the grind and they get motivated to work even harder when things get tough.


  1. They don’t complain, they change things.

Tough people don’t complain and waste time lamenting over how tough everything is they just get moving to make things better.


  1. They have a clear purpose our cause that defines their actions.

Toughness often comes from having a deeper purpose and cause for your actions. A man driven to provide for his family can often work much harder than another person working just for selfish reasons.  Tough people have a reason not to quit that is often bigger than just their own desires.


      8. They accept challenges as chances to grow.

Toughness is grown overtime by realizing that adversity is just an invitation for personal growth. The tougher things get, and the harder we push through them, the tougher we get in return. The harder we push, the stronger or mental muscle become to push later.


  1. They work hard, and love hard work.

Tough people love hard work because they understand that each ounce of effort they put in gets them closer to their goals. Even when progress grinds to a near halt, tough people take every inch as a victory and are willing to move at whatever pace it takes to get there. They love hard work, because hard work is the magic that makes your dreams come true.


  1. They finish things until the end.

The big difference between tough people and not so tough people is that tough people finish what they start.  For whatever reason, though people make things happen and don’t quit or give up. When someone tough starts something, they are going to to get what they are after, or break themselves trying to get there.


  1. They fix their eyes on what’s next.

Tough people focus on what is next- they don’t look at how far they have to go, they don’t focus on what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow, they look at what they can do RIGHT NOW to make progress. The battle is in every moment to make progress.

Do you know any tough people, or do you think that you are tough? How many of these qualities do you see in the people you think of as tough, and where can you try and develop these traits in your own life?  

Toughness is state of mind, create it, and you can do anything.

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