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10 things you must know before you decide to follow your dreams

10 things you must know before you decide to follow your dreams

Dreams are real places, but they can also turn into nightmares if you aren’t careful. Sometimes dreams are small and they come easily, and sometimes they take years-even decades- of work.

One thing is for sure, there are plenty of dreamers out there, people just like you and me who want to do something big with their life, maybe they have a plan, maybe they are too afraid, maybe they are trying to make it happen; but no matter where you are in your journey, there are a few things you should know about chasing your dreams before you actually start chasing your dreams.


  1. You need a plan

Trying to achieve a dream without a plan is a lot like loading a ship with 10 tons of dynamite, turning on the engine, and letting it go out into the sea without a captain or a crew to guide it to where you want it to go.

Effort is huge part of the equation and of course getting started is important, but before you try to make a dream come true you need to make a plan. If your plan is to quit everything, sell your possessions, move to L.A., and live out of your car until you make it as an actor, that’s kind of crazy, but it is a plan, and it might just be crazy enough to work.

Just realize you aren’t going to get anywhere without some directed action, and directed action requires a plan- even if it’s a crazy one, just think it through first before you start.


  1. It probably won’t be easy

I won’t lie to you and tell you that following your dreams is easy, I know I have had my share of disappointment and troubling times throughout my life as I have followed my dreams. A lot of people are too scared to ever get started and they have never made themselves vulnerable enough to go after something, so they just don’t realize how much it can hurt when you hit adversity on the way to your dreams; but, the hardest times in life always come right before the biggest successes.

Sometimes people do get lucky; they put in a little bit of work, they have some talent, they end up in the right place and the right time, and everything works out for them right away, but that most likely isn’t going to be you. Make a plan to deal with a lot of setbacks and challenges along the way and that way you will be ready for them when they come into your life.


  1.  It will probably take a while to achieve

Like I mentioned before, sometimes people get lucky and they get what they want  on the first try, it all usually depends on how big you are dreaming. If your dream is to walk onto a NFL team, there is no way in hell you are going to get up off the couch you spend your days sleeping on, and walk onto a field 100 lbs overweight and just run onto the Indianapolis Colts starting roster, but you could do a lot of hard work and maybe you could make it happen over time.

Just realize that the bigger your dream is the longer it is going to take to get there, unless you are really, really, lucky, prepare for the long haul and find something that you would do even if you never got paid much to do it: that will set you up for long term success.



  1. You will have to grow to get what you want

If you have a big dream- and most of us have something- then you need to realize that you probably aren’t good enough to get it just like you are. Sure, I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to, but you have to be realistic and do the things you need to do to become the person that can do it. Maybe you can’t go out and get what you want today, but if you are willing to make some sacrifices then you can develop the skills you need to make it happen eventually.

If you want to be successful you have to create the habits of success.


  1. There is no such thing as failing, only learning

Failure is really just a state of mind. If you try your hardest for something and fall short there is always the chance to try again or to take the lessons that you learned and apply them to something new, and maybe even better than you originally planned for.

My first blog *Chasing the Dream was a pretty big flop. Despite writing tons of articles, my traffic was low and it was not very successful. Even though I planned for things to be tough, I didn’t expect things to be that hard…Chasing the dream is now abandoned somewhere in google land but the lessons I learned from failing the first time made me even more prepared for the success of Make Your Best Self.

There is no such thing as failure: just quitting and learning.


  1. Your dream should support who you want to become in life

The dream that you are running after should support you in the quest to become the best version of yourself possible. If you have a dream to make a million dollars and it drives you to become a lying, stealing, terrible human being then you need to rethink your dreams.

Your dreams should be able to be achieved in a way that chasing your dream turns you into a better, stronger, and more full version of yourself. If you aren’t getting better from chasing your dream then you need to rethink the whole thing.


  1. You have to start to be great, but you don’t have to be great to start

Everyone has to start somewhere; start-ups for example gain millions in funding to get going, but when they open their doors they still need t0 get customers to survive.

To reach a dream it requires a certain amount of courage and ability to embrace the uncertainty of scaling unknown terrain. As I said before, there is no failure, only learning, and each thing you learn along the way will help make you great.

Every plant begins with a seed, every skyscraper begins with a blueprint, and it doesn’t take perfection to make your dreams come true, but it does require the action it takes to get started.



  1. People just like you have done great things.

Some of the greatest men and women throughout history started out no better than you or I. Through taking risks, making sacrifices, working hard, and pushing through adversity character will be formed in the brave.

The greatest accomplishments in the history of the world where done by people just like you and me, and if you ever want to do something great then you should get started today. Famous and successful people are just regular folks, but through chasing their dreams they were able to become something different.


  1. Fear is real, but it shouldn’t control you

Everyone experiences some fear, and anyone who tells you that they don’t is probably hiding behind a facade. I still have fear frequently about the decisions I am making to dive in MYBS full force and risk losing everything to make it work, but I know in my heart that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The worst case scenario is almost certainly not that bad, and while things may be difficult and challenging, challenge and difficulty aren’t to be avoided- they turn you into something great. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so say no to the influence of fear and just push through it anyway.


  1. You are not your past, you can define yourself in every new moment.

You may have failed before, you may come from a tough past, and you may have any number of reasons to avoid following your dream, but you must remember that your past only has influence over you if you allow it to influence you.

You write your story moment by moment like a page tied to another page inside of the binding of a book. Today is page, tomorrow is another, on and on forever. Each new day is a new page, a new story, a new chapter to begin anew. Don’t let the stories of yesterday determine your story’s end; get out there and write the book that you want to live day by day.

Before you follow your dreams understand the road before you and be aware of the bumps that you will run over along the way. Surely there will be struggles, trials, and tough times, but if you keep pushing and keep a positive mindset then you can beat it all and walk into a life filled with your dreams.


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