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10 surprising benefits of seaweed.

10 surprising benefits of seaweed.


What is green, slimy, and oozes around in wet, and sometimes dark places?


Seaweed of course!


Seaweed may not be used abundantly here in the United States, but it really should be.  Many people are totally oblivious to the variety of benefits seaweed can provide through its different uses and applications.


So I am here to give you 10 benefits about seaweed that you will be surprised to hear about.


  1. It is packed with minerals (including iodine)


Seawater is loaded with minerals, and seaweed makes the most of it by absorbing and filtering through the rich abundance of mineral found in seawater.  Potassium, magnesium, and even Iodine (which is essential for thyroid function), are all packed into the fibers of seaweed.


  1. It is full of fiber.


Seaweed is full of fiber, especially the hard to find, and very good for you, soluble fibers that are lacking in most American’s diets.  Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and helps to promote the body’s natural detoxification process.


  1. It is virulent with vitamins.


Seaweed is teaming with vitamins like: Vitamin D, A, C, E, K, and the B vitamins as well.  So not only is seaweed a great source of healthy minerals,m but it is high in vitamins too.


  1. It is used in MANY skin care products.


Seaweed extracts and alginates are used in many skin care products as a way to reduce wrinkles and aging, promote healthy skin color, moisturize skin, and promote skin elasticity.


Some people even use seaweed directly on their skin to gain some of these benefits.


  1. It shows some promise as a cancer fighter.


Some research on different forms of seaweed have shown that this green sea vegetable may be able to fight cancer in the body.


Of course, more research is needed to confirm the findings indefinitely, but it can’t hurt to add a little seaweed into your diet in the meantime!


6.It has high levels of fatty acids.


Seaweed contains high levels of fatty acids which are beneficial for heart, skin, hair, and joint health.  Fatty acids can help lower cholesterol and cut inflammation as well, and seaweed is a great source of these fatty acids you can easily add into your diet.


  1. It can be used as a “low salt” substitute.


Dried seaweeds, especially seaweeds like dulse, can be an excellent salt replacement in soups or entrees.  Though seaweed tastes salty- it is actually low in salt- the taste comes primarily from other mineral like iodine and potassium.


Dulse can be purchased in flakes that you can sprinkle over your food, or you can even add strips into soups and entrees to add a salty taste and extra flavor into your food without all the added salt.


  1. It is good for the bones.


Seaweed is high in calcium, so it is great for the teeth and bones.  Not only is the calcium content high in seaweed, but it has other naturally occurring minerals that are needed for the absorption of calcium as well.


  1. It can help “detox” the body.


Seaweed has been shown to bind to many toxins, like heavy metals, and help the body to excrete them out.  The high contents of soluble fibers found in many different seaweeds can act as a binder in the intestines and help pull out different types of toxins that would otherwise be absorbed into the body.


  1. It is high in protein.


Seaweed is about ⅓ protein, and there have even been some funded studies looking into the potential use of kelp and chlorella to become a source of renewable and clean protein for countries with low food supplies.


So there you go!


10 great benefits of seaweed that you may or may not have known about.


What do you think, did you learn anything, or have you tried seaweed before?

What is your favorite type of seaweed?  Leave a comment below or let us know what you think by finding us on facebook.

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