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10 signs you are wasting your potential.

10 signs you are wasting your potential.

1. You have a “job”.


If you have a “job” it means that you are probably working for someone else: not just working for someone else, but you are stuck.  A job is: a summer gig, a part time thing, or work you do for money because you need money.  What you want…is a career.  Successful people have careers: even if its working at Mcdonald’s, what are you doing to get better and move up the ladder?  People with careers are going somewhere, they are often in the field they have chosen, and they are working either for themselves or to achieve their own goals with a company they believe strongly in.


2. You watch more than 5 hours of television per week.


If you are spending 5 or more hours per week watching T.V., then you are missing out on some serious opportunity.  5 hours is more than enough time for us to do many things: take a class, read a self improvement book, exercise 1 hour per day, put  some extra time into our career (or find a career), or spend quality time with our family or loved ones.  Life is far too short to spend it living vicariously through someone else on a screen.  Life is beautiful and when time passes it doesn’t come back; we should spend most of our time either getting better, helping others, securing our futures, having new experiences, or building connections with others.


3. You treat others around you badly.


When we help others we often indirectly help ourselves.  Building connections with others and helping others succeed not only builds our own self esteem, but it builds connections that will most likely benefit us at some point in the future.  How many times have we asked for help from a friend and they came through for us in a major way?  Helping others and being the best you can be to the people around you will ensure they will be there for you when you need them later.  If you are treating people around you badly there is no way of telling how many opportunities you may have inadvertently passed up.  The guy that annoys you in your weekly meetings might be your ticket to a new job opportunity or he could introduce you to the girl of your dreams


4. You are a “hater”.


If you spend a good amount of time criticizing others or laughing as they fail, then you simply don’t have the right attitude for success.  Successful people do not focus on other people’s failures (unless they are using it as a learning opportunity): successful people are too busy trying to be successful themselves.  Successful people believe that others can and will succeed because they understand that within us lies deep and powerful potential to achieve whatever our hearts desire.  Successful people are treating others the way they would like to be treated; successful people treat others with respect and care because…see #3.


5. You see the glass as half empty instead of half full.


Pessimists are not usually successful people.  Seeing potential drawbacks or contingencies that we need to prepare for is an extremely valuable and lucrative quality, but only if we plan for them and use them to ensure our success; focusing on a problem without finding a solution is a sure fire way to kill our dreams and our potential. Additionally, our world is a reflection of what we believe: if we see a glass almost empty we will live our lives in scarcity, fiercely protecting our water; if we see it as half full, we will appreciate what we have, give water abundantly, and expect more water in return.


6. You are highly concerned with what other people think of you.


If we spend our time doing only what others want of us and trying to please them, not only will we never accomplish anything noteworthy, but we will still piss a lot of people off in the process.  People who are successful realise that they are in the driver seat and that they ultimately have to follow their own hearts and desires- and not desires of others.  If we are constantly worrying about what others think, then we are less likely to make the kind of decisions that will bring about our own idea of success.


7.  You don’t know what your 5 year plan is.


If you have never thought about your future and where you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, then you most likely aren’t going anywhere you want to go.  Success doesn’t usually happen by accident: like the old saying “you go where your eyes go”.  If  we want to reach our fullest potential it is imperative to have an idea of what that potential is.  Do we want to: be a better person or worker, become a millionaire, quit smoking, or get a promotion?  If  we don’t have an idea of where we are going, we most likely aren’t going to stumble into success on accident.


8. You don’t like the person you see in the mirror.


If you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see then you are not living up to your potential.  We are highly changeable beings with much power within us; we can change our appearances, our voices, our thoughts, and our actions.  If you are overweight you can lose weight, if you are mean to people you can be nicer, if you aren’t as smart as you would like to be you can start learning.  While its good to see places to improve in life,  self hating and disliking ourselves is usually not productive. People who are successful are usually happy with themselves even when they fall short: they know they are trying and improving.


9. You are afraid to make life changes and big decisions.


Successful people make big decisions every day; successful people decide daily to change or grow into better people.  When we spend too much time fearing decisions we often miss our opportunities completely.  It is important for us to weigh options and consider consequences, but we still have to make a decision at some point.  In order to be successful we have to thrive off of challenge and fear, make our decisions and stick with them no matter how hard it gets.


10. You try to be like everyone else.

If you are trying to blend in with everyone else and do what everyone else does, then you will be like everyone else…and guess what?  Most of society is mediocre.  We often accept the meager portion we are handed in life, content to worship celebrities from afar, regurgitate opinions from others around us, and engage in the same thoughts and behaviors as those who surround us.  People who are successful and people who change the world aren’t trying to be like everyone else, they are following their hearts.  The greatest injustice we can do to ourselves and the world is to try to be like everyone else in the world: by being just another body we rob ourselves of our passion and our potential for greatness.  When we decide to be like the rest of world, we become another drain on the world, another mouth to feed, another tree to cut down; when we follow our hearts and achieve our dreams we give our dreams to the world as a gift, we show others that anything is possible, and we inspire others around us to achieve their greatness as well.


  1. I am working on some of these: working towards a career of my choice, bettering myself while still loving the person in the mirror, not caring what others think, and fighting the fear of taking chances. I think your 5 hours of TV is a little rough, 1 movie could be 2 1/2 hrs, that’s half your time in one sitting. What I found as helpful to me is to not put the TV on unless I have a plan to sit down and watch something specific, not channel surf or keep it on while I’m on FaceBook. I try an hour a day during the week, then a little more on the weekend, While still getting out and live as much as I can.

    • monsterid

      Awesome Robert! What is your number one priority at the moment? It sounds like you have some great focuses at the moment that I am sure will suit you well as a person. I live without a T.V. and while I do enjoy some time to decompress by watching a movie with my girlfriend, I try to ensure that the majority of my time is pent bettering me in some way. I think I tend to overwork myself at many times, but to each their own. Certainly 5 hours of T.V. watching could be substituted for something more productive, especially for the people who aren’t doing anything with life because they “Don’t have enough time”. Thanks for the comment!


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