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10 reasons you should push your comfort zone to grow as a person.

10 reasons you should push your comfort zone to grow as a person.

There are many reasons that you should push through your comfort zone, yet so many of us cruise by on auto-pilot while we allow our desire for comfort and safety to override our burning passion for more in life.  Most of us would rather sleep soundly in our bed, than push through the discomfort of going for a run, or getting up early to work on our manuscript, but the ability to push into the discomfort of life is a key trait in determining the amount of success and happiness we will experience in life.


Personal growth almost always follows all periods of adversity and discomfort, and as we earn to grapple with the inner doubts and demons that are holding us back, we will begin to awaken ourselves from -autopilot and take the wheel.  If you want to be better each day, grow as a person, and change the world, it all starts within: it starts with developing the courage to push through your comfort zone, because almost certainly, what you want is on the other side of your boundaries.


  1. You can form new beliefs.


Many times the boundaries of our comfort zone are simply the limiting beliefs of what we think we are capable of achieving.  If we believe the only way to pay the bills is to work for someone and get a steady paycheck, it will be challenging to start a business and rely on our work to directly determine how much money we will make.  Once you push through your discomfort and prove yourself wrong, you shatter powerful limiting beliefs that you once held about yourself and about life.  The new beliefs that take hold will empower you to do more of the same.


  1. Build self esteem and confidence.


As you form new beliefs supportive of your ability and power, you will begin to realize the true potential that resides within you.  It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or how low down you think you are, once you start showing yourself that life still exists outside of your fear and doubts, you’ll start to realize that you are much more capable than what you had originally thought.


  1. Learn to better overcome adversity.


When we push past our comfort zone, we will inevitably face challenge.  We often must battle ourselves, our minds, and discomfort and pain, but each time we push through the difficulty on the other side of our comfort zone, we build mental toughness that will carry us through more and more difficult situations in life.


  1. Have less fear.


Fear of the unknown is always the greatest fear, and that’s why the uncertainty that lies on the other side of our comfort zone is often very disabling.  Once you step outside your comfort zone and realize the personal growth opportunities that reside outside, you won’t fear the chaos, but you will learn to love it.


  1. Find new opportunities.


Within your comfort zone you can only see the immediate opportunities that exist within it.  There may a whole world of chances and new opportunities out there for you, but until you push through your discomfort of new things you will never find them.  Getting over your fear of college might lead to you becoming a professor, getting over you fear of being in the spotlight might lead to you being a speaker or a politician.  You never know what your passion might be, so it’s best to experience as much as you can.


  1. Form new relationships and associations.


Many times the beliefs that we hold inside of us limit our abilities to form connections with certain people or types of people.  For example: if you believe that everyone from a certain race is a thug or a bad person, it will make it difficult to see that many people of that race are actually good well meaning people that you can form meaningful connections with.  Don’t accept your beliefs about people, challenge them and try to prove yourself wrong, most of the time, you will.


  1. Expand your mind and learn new information.


One thing’s for sure, when you push past your comfort zone and into the unknown, you are going to learn something.  Even if you fail, even if it’s hard or scary, you WILL learn something, and that new information or knowledge is going to come in handy at some point in your life.  Some things may be more useful than others, but remember, knowledge is power, and knowledge comes from experience and understanding.


  1. Better identify your strengths and weaknesses as a person.


The more you challenge yourself and push your comfort limits, the more you are going to learn about yourself; over time, you will begin to realize what strengths you have and what weaknesses you need to improve.  We should focus on reinforcing our strengths, and developing our weaknesses.  We must learn to look at ourselves as a long term project and try to prepare ourselves for the day when we will meet our biggest test.


  1. Learn to say no to the easy way, and yes to the better way.


Most of the time, the right answer, or rather the best answer, is not the easy answer.  It is easier to eat a cheeseburger than it is to go home and make yourself a salad, but there are way more benefits to preparing the salad instead.  The best choice is often the hardest choice, and pushing your comfort zone will help you learn the value in this simple belief.


  1. Encourage others around you to follow their dreams.


Perhaps the greatest effect of pushing your comfort zones, is that as you exhibit courage and experience new and exciting things in life, you will encourage others to do the same.  By following your heart and searching for continental growth each day, you will inspire others and learn to become a leader that leads others into becoming the best people that they can be as well.

Your comfort zone is an illusion that you mind created to keep you safe, but life isn’t about safety: it’s about living, laughing, loving, and learning.  As far as I can tell, the meaning of life is to find your meaning, and once you find that, everything else is easy, but you will never find your purpose sitting inside the comfort of your bed and hiding from the day.  So be “crazy”, get out there and find your best self.

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