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10 Minute toughness- book review

10 Minute toughness- book review

10 minute toughness by Jason Selk is a blueprint for success in athletics, business, and life.  Although this book is custom tailored for athletes, many of the exercises and ideas are directly applicable to any and all other aspects of our lives.


I have to admit the first time I read this book I was unimpressed and found very little useful information in it; however, when a very successful former opponent of mine recommended it at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, I decided to give it another shot; I wasn’t disappointed the second time around.


I think a large part of my discontent the first read around was due to the fact that I was not mentally ready for direct work on mental toughness, I was not awake at that time, and I was not ready to accept many of the ideas in the book I now accept as truth.  If you are just starting out into self improvement, I would not recommend this book, but instead recommend it to those who have already established a belief in the power of change and personal growth.


The book is divided into 3 phases and teaches us a mental workout that we can perform each day that will make us more mentally tough, more able to handle pressure, and better equipped to deal the challenges we face every day. Not only will 10 minute toughness teach you how to respond to adversity, but it also teaches you how to learn from failure, and turn it into a powerful learning opportunity.


Phase 1 covers the mental workout.  The mental workout is composed of several different parts: the mental highlight, the success log, the identity statement, and the performance statement.  Phase 1 covers these components and guides us step by step on how to create our own personal mental workout.  Our author (Jason Selk) is direct with his points, and even provides worksheets in the appendix -and on his personal website- that we can use to fill out with our own specific answer.


The mental workout consists of creating an identity and performance statement (affirmations) that tell us who we are and what we are about.  Next, the highlight reel gets us into the zone for practice and performance, and then finally our success log gives us specific things to work on to be better next time.


Phase 2 gives us the tools we need to set effective goals.  Goals provide us with motivation, a clear vision, and specific things that we need to improve for our success.  We learn what the qualities of effective goals are, and we see specific examples of others goals.


Jason holds our hand and walks us through the goal setting process with several specific question and answer activities and with several worksheets that show us what our biggest priorities are and should be.  If you have no idea how to set goals or want to improve your goal setting effectiveness then this phase will be highly valuable for you.


Phase 3 teaches us with the mentality necessary for ultimate success: relentless solution focus: meaning always seek solutions instead of problems.  The human mind is great at identifying problems, but we often become stuck on problems that overwhelm and paralyze us.


Solution focus is the ability to see problems and immediately shift our focus to finding immediate solutions to our problems.  This, in my opinion, is the greatest idea in the book.  Adopting a relentless solution focus is enough to transform your life completely- even without any of the other amazing lessons and learning opportunities in the book.




This book is high on my list for athletes looking for success.  Jason also has another version of the book called 10 minute mental toughness for business professionals that is better tailored for use in business. This is a great book that will teach you many valuable mental tools that you can use each and every day in order to improve your performance and heighten your results.

You will learn how to set goals, how visualize, how to create confidence, how to deal with pressure, and how to review your results and make needed changes. Certainly anyone can learn from the information in this book, but I would give it a high relevance to athletes, and recommend to any struggling athlete looking to get to the next level.


And, if you have read the book for yourself, or if you buy it today to read, please feel free to leave a comment below telling others what you thought about the book.  Every review helps another person make up their mind!


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