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10 benefits of fidelity.

10 benefits of fidelity.

Let’s face the facts, cheating and infidelity are running rampant in today’s world.  Some estimates suggest that up to 60% of people will be unfaithful at least once during the course of their marriage.  Many men and women no longer even believe in the idea of fidelity; many people have completely given up the idea of staying true to one person for their entire lifespan. With a divorce rate over 50%, coupled with the fact that 1 in 2 people will be unfaithful, is there even a chance that someone will be faithful to you?  Today we will cover 10 benefits of fidelity-a lost art.  For those willing to stick it out to the bitter end and refuse to give in to temptation, there are some major rewards to be had.


  1. Builds your inner strength.


Fidelity is a promise to keep a commitment.  If you read many of my articles, I talk frequently about integrity (Link 1, Link 2).  Integrity is the foundation of all successful people; fidelity is simply maintaining the commitments you make to a person you love, even when you are tired, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you are angry with them.  Its good character to stick with your commitments and make decisions based off of your deeper values and beliefs- rather than living just for the moment.  Making the commitment to be faithful and maintain your fidelity will strengthen your character and build a quiet inner strength that will come in handy throughout life.


  1. Frees you from worry.


It must be stated now that I am not a perfect person or saint, I have been guilty of infidelity on a few occasions in my past, and it is truly terrible.  When you keep things in hiding, you have to deal with constant worry and stress that you will be found out; you have to hide messages and delete calls, you have to wonder every time your partner gets upset if they know more than they are letting on.  I think most of us can recognize a time where we were unfaithful or told a lie to someone we cared about, and the stress of getting caught can cause a lot of misery to your partner and yourself.


  1. Frees you from guilt.


When most of us lie or cheat we will feel a good amount of guilt, especially if we actually care about the person we betray. The only thing worse than the stress of getting caught it the telltale heart of guilt beating within our own chest.  Guilt and shame can cause havoc inside your mind:, but if you commit to being faithful, you still won’t be a perfect partner, but at least you’ll know that you have been true.


  1. Allows a deep and special connection to bloom.


In world where 1 out of 2 people cheat, choosing to be faithful to your partner allows you a very special connection.  Some guys might call it oneitis or poke fun at romance, but falling in love is an awesome experience.  Sure, love can hurt, but anything great in life requires some risk.  So stop being a tough guy, all that the wall around your heart is really saying is that you are too AFRAID to open up, and ladies…the same applies to you as well.


  1. If you are truly unhappy, you will have more motivation to make a change.


Cheating allows you to have your cake and eat it too.  If you allow yourself to cheat, every time your relationship isn’t going perfectly you will just cheat and often stay in unhappy relationships.  If you are fully committed to being faithful and you can’t stand being with someone any longer, you will either move on, or work harder to try and fix things.  The person who cheats will often just look elsewhere: instead of putting energy into fixing what they have or moving on, they will stay stuck in a negative relationship and find something else on the side.  This will actually make you more miserable in the long run, as you deal with conflicting feelings, confusion will follow.  Cheating is the easy way out, but it doesn’t really lead you out at all.


  1. Increased sense of pride.


You know how you feel when someone offers you junk food and you say no?  Imagine that feeling multiplied by 1000 when you turn down a romantic offer from someone outside your relationship.  As you refuse to let yourself slide in your relationship, you will be happier and you will experience joy and pride from your decision.  Sure its easy to cheat, but the feeling that comes from knowing you did the right thing is far better than any momentary enjoyment you could ever experience.


  1. Less insecurity from your partner.


When your partner feels secure and knows that you are all theirs, it will save you a lot of headache down the road.  Everybody gets insecure sometimes, but if you can truly look your partner in the eyes and confess your fidelity and commitment to them, they will know that you are being honest.  A more secure partner means happier times, less stress, and more love.


  1.  Better sex.


When you commit to only being intimate with one person, you better believe its going to be better.  The more you run around, the more you are going to find what you don’t like about someone, not to mention, the more you run around, the less personal your intimacy will become.  Cheating can make your intimacy meaningless: sex filled with the passion of love is by far the best sex in my opinion.


  1. Doesn’t form a bad habit.


Maybe you are reading this article right now and thinking to yourself, “Well they cheat on me.” or,  “They don’t mean anything to me anyway.”  Well, the habits that you form today, will still be around when you meet someone truly amazing down the road.  If you create the habit of fidelity and commit to being faithful now, you will be more likely to stay committed when it really matters.  If you ever want a chance at true love, you should start creating the habit of fidelity now so you will be less likely to stray when things get tough with THE ONE.


        10. Better relationships


When you commit to being faithful in relationships, you will have better relationships: period.  Deeper connections, better sex, less stress, special bonds, trust, security, increased satisfaction: these are just a few of the benefits that come from a committed relationship.

The bottom line is this: being faithful is good for you, its good for your partner, its good for your relationships.  There may be some superficial benefits to cheating, but cheating will ultimately lead you down a path of shame, guilt, desensitization, broken connections, pain, and regret.  There are many long lasting and meaningful rewards from fidelity, and you will live a much happier and simpler life being true and faithful in your relationships.

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